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IABC’s professional credential program recognizes communicators who have reached a globally accepted standard of knowledge and proficiency in their chosen field.
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ISO Certification for the Global Communication Profession

IABC is planning a certification program that complies with SO 17024 standards for the global communication profession, and intends to apply for this recognition in the future through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Certification of professional services is not new. Sponsoring associations representing accountants, project managers, HR professionals and others have achieved globally recognized certification that provides hiring managers with confidence that the professionals they hire will meet an international standard of competency defined by the profession. If accountants, podiatrists, pathologists, financial panners, construction managers, auditors, business managers, and others can be certified to an international standard, why not communication professionals?

We believe that attaining an internationally recognized standard based on a common understanding of key principles and job competencies defined by research will elevate the role of strategic communication as a key contributor to business results. We're committed to broad consultation within the industry, with IABC members and communication professionals around the world who want to make a difference to the organizations and clients that they serve. Over the past several years, we have conducted broad research to determine the needs of communication professionals throughout all stages of their career, and build a global foundation for this program. We have identified Global Principles, four distinct career paths and related job competencies. In partnership with a professional credentialing consultant, we're working toward a certification program that will help the communication profession evolve to the next level.


Certification News

IABC Certification Update December 2013

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Listen to the recording of Robin McCasland's webinar presentation of the certification update.

Read the Certification Council Question and Answer for the latest update on the Global Communication Certification Council being formed to govern the new certification program.

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