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Volunteer Information

Volunteering for the accreditation program is a great way to stay connected with fellow communicators, stay up-to-date on the communication trends of your peers, gather new ideas and give back to the communication profession.


IABC Accreditation Volunteer Information

Here are a few ways you can get involved in accreditation:

ABC Liaison

  • ABC Liaisons are members of chapter and regional boards and promote accreditation in their area. Their activities include giving workshops, organizing and proctoring exams, and running Accreditation Completion Programs.

Accreditation Mentor

  • Accreditation mentors help accreditation candidates at stages and/or throughout the accreditation process. Mentors and candidates work together via phone, e-mail and/or in person. You can apply to become an accreditation mentor .

Portfolio Reviewer

  • Portfolio Reviewing Center Coordinator: Recruit portfolio reviewers from among local ABCs, guide portfolio reviewers, answer questions and act as the final judge in reconciling scores.
  • Portfolio Reviewers: Work in teams of two to review portfolios under the guidance of the Portfolio Reviewing Center Coordinator.

Exam Proctor

  • Lead Exam Proctor: Organize and administer the oral and written examination to accreditation candidates and recruit exam proctors as necessary.
  • Exam Proctor: Assist the lead exam proctor on examination day and grade oral exams.

Exam Grader

  • Exam Grader: Grade written exams by e-mail.

To volunteer, please contact or +1 415.544.4700.