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Membership Information

Find out about how to join IABC and the benefits of membership.

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What Membership Provides

Networking with other communicators is one of the primary benefits of IABC membership. IABC offers opportunities to network with members around the world through the IABC web site, as well as face-to-face at chapter events, the annual International Conference held in June of each year, and professional development seminars held at various times and locations throughout the year.

MemberSpeak is the meeting place for IABC members around the world. A high-powered posting area on the website, MemberSpeak is where you can trade ideas, solicit advice and input, debate strategies, and share information with your peers...unconstrained by geography and time differences.

Online Directory of IABC Members
IABC's online member directory includes members' address, phone, and fax information, and is fully searchable on a number of parameters such as industry, company, or geography. You can even email other members through our confidential technology.

Chapter Events
IABC offers over 100 local chapters around the world for face-to-face networking and professional development. Many chapters offer additional services such as Special Interest Groups, local job banks, and social outings. To see what the nearest chapter is doing, consult our online chapter list.

The IABC Buzz
The IABC Buzz shares member posts about personal and professional achievements, such as educational degrees, promotions, weddings, job moves, births/adoptions and the like.

The IABC eXchange
The IABC eXchange allows you to create private websites or blogs, as well as traditional public blogs. You control the content and who gets to see it.

Job Searching Assistance

IABC's Job Centre web site lists hundreds of jobs at all levels, which you can search by keyword, location, or job type. IABC members have an advantage, as they can see new job listings for a full seven days before the public can.

The IABC Marketplace
The IABC Marketplace is a service to connect consultants and freelancers with prospective clients. While the public can view the directory, only IABC members can create entries describing their services.

Learning Opportunities
IABC offers plentiful resources to hone your skills, learn from the experiences of others, and study new areas of interest.

Web Seminars
IABC offers web seminars throughout the year at no extra cost to members on a variety of communication topics.

Discovery is our online archive of content available exclusively to IABC members. Members have complimentary access to CW articles along with Research Foundation reports; Gold Quill Award-winning case studies; and more than US $5,000 in Knowledge Centre manuals, books and communication templates—all in one easy-to navigate place.

Communication World Magazine
Chock full of detailed case studies and how-to advice from long-time practitioners, Communication World is a digital magazine delivered 12 times a year to IABC members. With the latest news on industry research, technology, and trends, as well as interviews and analysis, each issue of Communication World is a continuing education course in itself.

SR Link
A collaborative website providing resources and fostering conversations, SR Link helps communicators advance their role in the field of social responsibility.

Generous Member Pricing
IABC develops numerous events and educational products throughout the year, including the annual World Conference which draws about 1,500 communicators from around the world. Members get special discounted pricing all year long!

Recognition: Awards Programs

IABC offers several awards, including the annual Gold Quill Awards, an international competition that provides an opportunity to receive expert evaluation of the entry against IABC's highest standards of excellence. IABC's other awards recognize service to IABC and/or accomplishment in the field of business communication.

Club Quarters Discount
IABC is a member of Club Quarters, a group of private hotels for the exclusive use of guests and employees of member companies. Club Quarters offer unique, user-friendly services for the business traveler in a club-like setting. Members pay the lowest rates for a quality hotel room in 14 prime locations. Club Quarters are located in New York City, Boston, London, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, San Francisco and Houston. For more information, please visit our Club Quarters Discount section (members only).

A Note for your Employer
Communication with your employees and external audiences is vital to your business success. Learn more about how IABC membership adds value in the workplace.

What do our members say about IABC membership?

"I've been a member of IABC for over 22 years now. For over two decades, IABC has continued to add sustainable value for me as my career has progressed from junior to senior management. I have held diverse roles--some in marketing, some in communications, some in change management, some were a combination of all three. I've sat at the corporate desk and been an independent practitioner. As I moved from role to role and progressed from level to level, IABC has evolved and expanded and continued to provide diverse and relevant professional development, learning, networking and social opportunities year over year. IABC has been a reliable companion throughout my career journey. I recommend you invite IABC along to join you in yours!"

--Linda Johannesson, head of marketing & communications
Customer Solutions, AMP Services Ltd
Sydney, NSW Australia

"IABC's resource materials and networking provided me with the quantifiable ammo required to influence senior management. I attribute my presence at the mahogany table in large part to IABC."

--Kellie Garrett, ABC, senior vice president of strategy, knowledge & reputation
Farm Credit Canada
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

"IABC is a wonderful network of people willing to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow practitioners. It is a very special association."

--P. Mark Drewell, chair
The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
Capetown, South Africa

"When I was ready to make a career change, my IABC friends kept an eye out for opportunities for me. I got a new job because of IABC."

--Adrienne Ciletti, ABC, public relations manager
Allen, TX U.S.

"IABC was my stepping stone into higher levels of management. More precisely, serving as a chapter president allowed me to demonstrate to my current employer that I was ready for high-level responsibility and leadership."

--Susan K. Rogers, APR, ABC, member relations & marketing director
Society for College and University Planning
Ann Arbor, MI U.S.

"Every project I've done in the last six years has come through someone I knew in IABC."

--Gloria Walker, ABC, FRSA, strategic communication consultant
Southall, U.K.

"Through the power of the worldwide IABC network, I was able to place a team of my students with a Washington, DC-based member, working on an e-communication strategy for the World Bank. We were all delighted with the results of the collaboration. This project has also had a lasting impact on my students, and influenced the career choices of three in particular."

--Fiona Peterson, deputy head (Learning & Teaching)
School of Media Communication, RMIT University
Melbourne, VIC Australia

"MyComm is a landmark achievement for the profession. I can't recall being this excited about a new technology since the introductions of spreadsheets and the World Wide Web."

--Charles Pizzo, senior adviser, The News Group Net, LLC
Pizzo Strategic Communication
New Orleans, LA U.S.

"IABC has made me a better communicator. By providing new perspectives and access to best practices and recommendations on strategic and logistical matters, IABC has helped me, and the association for which I work, respond effectively to the changing needs of our members. I've grown as a professional, the association has evolved, and the members are happy with the results."

--Kristen E. Sukalac, partner and senior adviser
Prospero Communications
L'Hay Les Roses, France

"Being a member of IABC shows others that you're a professional-and that you are committed to continuing as a communications professional.Your membership becomes even more valuable when you work on a team or chair a committee. You meet some great people who share your interests, and broaden your knowledge of how other communicators handle various issues."

--Nancy Sarpolis, global internal communications manager
General Motors - Vehicle Manufacturing
Detroit, MI U.S.

"In my short tenure as a member, IABC has already opened doors to new job opportunities, and given me access to invaluable knowledge. But what makes IABC really special is the people. I've never encountered such a fun, supportive and inspiring group before."

--Eric Green, marketing communications specialist
North Vancouver, BC Canada

"IABC is practically driving my freelance publishing business. I found two of my four major clients by networking at monthly chapter meetings."

--Kate Rein, freelance writer
Wolf Creek Publications
Cleveland, OH U.S.