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Get answers to frequently asked questions about IABC programs, member services and sponsorship opportunities.

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Membership FAQs

Q: How do I join IABC?

IABC offers you several options when it comes to joining our organization...

  • Join/Renew ONLINE
  • Call IABC headquarters at +1-415-544-4700 or (800) 776-4222
    (in most of the U.S. and Canada)
  • Download the interactive IABC Membership Application, fill it out electronically and print it.

    Note: If you have problems using the interactive PDF, install the latest version of Adobe Reader and try again. If the problems persist, you can fill out the static membership application form by hand.

    Mail or fax your completed application form, with payment, to:

    IABC Membership
    601 Montgomery Street, Suite 1900
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    FAX: +1 415-544-4747

Q: Is a payment plan for dues available?

Yes, you can split your dues into four monthly payments.

Q: How do I transfer a membership?

Membership can be transferred within a company to a new person who replaced the position of the original member.  However, the following criteria must be met:

  • The original member must have at least three months left on the membership and the membership is a professional membership, not a 500 Club, student, retired, or other type of lifetime membership.
  • The original member is no longer with the company.
  • The employer sends a request to transfer the membership on company letterhead, which may be faxed or mailed to IABC headquarters. Please include current information of the new member: name, title, phone and fax number, e-mail, and mailing address and the name and member ID of the original member.

601 Montgomery Street, Suite 1900
San Francisco, CA 94111
FAX: +1 415-544-4747

Q: Why am I unable to enter the Member Centre?

Registering with the member centre on our web site can be a little tricky because it is case-sensitive. Be sure your use of upper and lowercase match your IABC record. If you see asterisks in the password field, retype your password. Sometimes a different password becomes the default and prevents entry. Another common error is to put a space at the beginning or end of the data entry field. If you do this, the web site will recognize it as a character and therefore will not recognize your information. If you still have problems please e-mail Member Relations at .

Q: How much are IABC membership dues?

Dues vary based on your chapter and country. New and lapsed members owe US$40 in application fees in addition to these amounts.

If you live in an area not represented on the dues chart, please email member relations () with your location and request for a dues quote.

Q: What types of memberships are there?

There are nine types of IABC membership:

Professional: The vast majority of IABC members are professional members. Annual dues for professional members vary widely, so be sure to consult our online dues list (PDF) for details. Note: Some countries are charged a lower amount for international dues, based on economic conditions. A US$40 application fee applies to new and lapsed members.

Corporate Package: Corporate packages offer discounts to groups of five or more employees from the same company. Members of a corporate package can, however, be located in all different parts of the world. To initiate a package, payment for all members must be made at the same time (dues for current IABC members will be prorated according to time left on the membership). Packages also offer discounts on IABC knowledge products and the annual World Conference. Organizations of any type are welcome to take advantage of corporate packages.

A higher value "Gold Plus" package is also available, offering on-site training, PR opportunities for the company, and special pricing on IABC products and events.

See the section on Corporate Packages below for more information.

500 Club: So named because only 500 members will be allowed to participate, The 500 Club offers lifetime IABC membership. The 500 Club is closed, as all slots have been taken.

Student: Student memberships are available to full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions as well as part-time students working toward a degree (or a certificate program in Canada) who are not presently working in the communication profession. Students must ensure that their application and payment is received at headquarters at least 60 days prior to their graduation date.

International dues for students are US$43. Additional local chapter and regions dues may apply. Students get all of the benefits of Professional membership, but have to fulfill strict proof of student status requirements. To apply for student membership, students must submit when joining or renewing:

  • A student ID (fax or photocopy)

  • One of the following: (a) Copy/Fax of a recent transcript with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year or (b) Copy/Fax of a class schedule provided by the Registrar with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year or (c) Copy/Fax of a receipt for tuition payment with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year
  • Students must also provide the month and year of expected graduation.

No student application will be processed before receipt of all three of these items.

Student transition: Professionals who have graduated from a degree program from an accredited institution in the last year are eligible for the student transition rate. For student transition members, the regular application fee is waived, and the student pays half of the international dues plus full district and chapter dues. Members can only have one year as a student transition; they must then become professional members at the full professional rate.

To apply for student transition rates, please call Member Relations at 1-800-776-4222 or +1 415-544-4700 or download a transitional membership application. Applicants will need to fax proof of degree conferral after enrolling with Member Relations, which can be one of the following:

  • Dated letter from Registrar on letterhead of an accredited institution stating date of graduation (must be within last year) and degree conferred.
  • Photocopy of diploma from accredited institution stating degree(must be within last year) and date conferred.
  • Photocopy of transcript from accredited institution stating graduation date (must be within last year) and degree conferred.

This proof may be faxed to +1-415-544-4747 after phone enrollment.

Other proof may be considered. Please call Member Relations at 1-800-776-4222 or +1 415-544-4700 to discuss any other forms of proof you’d like us to consider.

Retiree: Individuals who have been professional IABC members for at least five years, are retired from employment in the communications industry, and are at least 55 years of age are eligible for retiree status. International dues for retired members are US$43.

Fellow and Honorary: These membership categories are conferred upon members by the IABC international executive board in recognition of service to IABC and the profession. Nominations can be submitted to headquarters. Contact the Leader Centre at for more information on submitting nominations.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

The benefits of membership can be broken down into five categories: Networking resources, job-searching assistance, learning opportunities, affinity programs, and recognition (accreditation and awards). Visit http://www.iabc.com/about/membership/memProvides.htm for complete details.

Q: How long is a membership?

Professional, student, student transition, retiree, and most corporate package IABC memberships are 12 months, starting from the date the membership is processed. Multi-year corporate package memberships are available as well.

Q: What other currencies does IABC accept? What are the exchange rates?

IABC accepts payment in Canadian dollars from members of Canada Eastern Region and Canada Western Region. Call Member Relations for current rates at 1-800-776-4222 or 1-415-544-4700. IABC also accepts checks in Euros, at an exchange rate of EUR1 = US$1. We do not have the capability to charge credit cards in Euros. They will be charged in US dollars (EUR1 = US$1) and then converted into Euros by your credit card company at its exchange rate.

Q: I looked on MemberSearch and couldn't find Steven Q. Member even though I know he's a member.

Most likely, Mr. Member has requested to be excluded from our e-directory. If Mr. Member wants to be reinstated in the electronic directory, simply have him call us at 1-800-776-4222 (from the U.S. and Canada) or +1-415-544-4700 (from all other parts of the world). He can also email us with his request at .

Q: My address/phone number/e-mail address has changed. How can I update my record?

The easiest way is to visit www.iabc.com/update. Fill in the appropriate fields with the new information, and be sure to click Submit Changes at the bottom of the second screen. You will see a screen with "Update Confirmation" at the top. You cannot change your name (e.g. if you get married) or chapter online. Please call or email us at to change your name or chapter.

Alternatively, members can email their changes to .

Q: How can I change my chapter?

When a member changes his/her mailing address with IABC, his/her chapter does not automatically change. To change a chapter, the member must specifically request it by one of the following methods:

  • Email your request to Member Relations at .
  • Call Member Relations at 800-776-4222 (US and Canada) or +1 415-544-4700 (all other countries)
  • Fax the request to +1 415-544-4747

Q: I tried to join/renew online and couldn't! What's wrong?

If you received an error message, please forward it in its entirety by email to member relations at , explaining that you had problems enrolling or renewing online.

Otherwise, call or e-mail our Member Relations (1-800-776-4222 or +1 415 544-4700, ). This problem could be any number of issues. We have an error log, so we can try to sort out the problem. Worst case, our Member Relations can take the enrollment over the phone.

Q: I have not gotten what I wanted from IABC. I'd like my dues refunded.

IABC bylaws prohibit refunding dues for any reason when a membership terminates.

Q: Do I have to be part of a chapter?

IABC bylaws state that if a member lives within 50 miles or 80 kilometers of a chapter, he or she must join the chapter. If you live more than 50 miles or 80 kilometers from a chapter, you are welcome to join as a Member-at-Large.

Q: I'd like to be a member of two chapters. Can I do this?

The membership tracking system at IABC headquarters can only assign a member to one chapter. If you are interested in joining a second chapter, contact the president or VP of Membership of the second chapter to find out whether they can accommodate your request.

Q: What are corporate packages anyway?

Corporate packages allow groups from companies to either take advantage of group discounts or receive extra value at a premium price. IABC offers four types of corporate packages; three of these offer discounts, while the fourth offers premium value at a premium price.

Members become corporate package members when a payment is received for the package. (Packages must be paid with a single check or one charge to a credit card.) In the first year, HQ personnel will generate a price quote that calculates annual dues for all members, and then subtracts any months remaining on the memberships of current members. This process gets all members in the group on the same renewal date.


Group Size

Main Benefits Offered


5 to 15 members

Flat rate price of US$300 per person


16 to 30 members

Flat rate price of US$290 per person


More than 31 to 74 members

Flat rate price of US$275 per person


75+ members

Flat rate price of US$260 per person

Q: Our company is interested in a package. What's the next step?

Email Gary Hill at with:

  • The first and last names of all people who would be part of the package, as well as the city, state/province, and country in which they are located.
  • The member IDs of any current IABC members who are part of the group.

Headquarters personnel will develop a price quote for the group for the first year and deliver it back to you. Once full payment and enrollment forms are submitted, existing members will be converted to corporate package members, and new members will be processed as corporate package members.

Q: After we become corporate members, how do we take advantage of our discounts?

If you are paying by check for knowledge products or the World Conference, deduct the appropriate amount and include a note identifying yourself as a corporate package member. If paying by credit card, conduct your purchase as usual, but be sure to mention that you are a corporate package member.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about corporate packages?

Sure, here are a couple things:

  • Members of a package can be in different chapters across the world. There is no requirement that members of a corporate package have to be in the same chapter.
  • By committing to two or three years, corporate members can increase their discounts on dues and other products.