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Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award

The EXCEL award recognizes business leaders who foster effective communication programs in their organizations.

Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award

Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award The EXCEL award is currently on hold for 2014.

We’'re currently evaluating the degree of use and overall effectiveness of all of our programs. This includes the EXCEL program which in the past has recognized communication excellence in non-communication executives. The IEB has decided to put this program on hold as we determine how to make it more effective and more meaningful.

Considering the importance of communication excellence in today'’s business world, the IEB will form a task force to look at how this program can be designed, promoted and celebrated in a way that’s relevant to members and the broader business community. We anticipate having that task force in place by mid-year 2014, with the recommendations from the task force ready for implementation by the end of 2014.

We'’ll be posting more updates to the EXCEL program as they occur.