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Communication World (CW)

Learn about best practices and get insights from today's brightest thought leaders in Communication World, IABC's award-winning member magazine that's now digital.

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Brand newsrooms

Brand Newsrooms: What they are and how to build one
Brands can continue to market the old-fashioned way, with interruptive marketing that tells the audience how wonderful their products or services are—but that tactic will work less and less, as audiences' tolerance of being "talked at" is quickly diminishing. That's why brands are embracing content marketing: the creation and distribution of journalistic, audience-focused content.
by John Miller

brand newsroom editor

The Essential Role in Every Brand Newsroom
TMarketers from big brands to micro-businesses are embracing the idea of brand journalism with unbridled enthusiasm. But a vital gap in execution is preventing many organizations from being truly effective in their publishing efforts. Take a look at any traditional media outlet and it doesn't take long to identify the oversight.
by Sarah Mitchell

content marketing strategy

Content Marketing: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
The best and most effective content today is marketed and the best and most effective content marketing is strategic. Here are a few things to think about when you're developing that content marketing strategy.
by Mike Winkleman

customer voice

Using the Voice of the Customer in Brand Communication
The opinions of customers have a massive influence on purchasing decisions and an organization's reputation. Companies need to listen to customers and learn how to use their voices.
by Robert Herta

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Caroline Sapriel on leadership skills for the three phases of a crisis.

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