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Communication World (CW)

Learn about best practices and get insights from today's brightest thought leaders in Communication World, IABC's award-winning member magazine that's now digital.

In this issue

Embrace big data

Embracing Big Data
It's up to communication professionals to keep the human element front-and-center when it comes to the use of big data.
by Brandon Uttley, APR

storytelling with big data

4 Ways to Use Data to Tell Stories
Combining compelling data with strong storytelling can create memorable narratives not just in journalism and entertainment, but in marketing and communications.
by Sam Ford

decode your company

"Decoding" Your Company with Employee Analytics
CW asks Rahaf Harfoush, co-author of The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers, about how companies can use internal data to improve performance and keep top talent.
by Jessica Burnette-Lemon

Apology in a crisis

The Power of Apology in a Crisis
An effective apology to the public is a crucial part of an overall crisis response. According to reputation strategist Ruth Kinzey, the content and delivery of that apology varies from crisis to crisis, but a good apology has central features that apply in any situation.
by Natasha Nicholson

Also in this issue

Lynda McDaniel on how to kickstart your writing by imitating copy you love.

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July 2014 Issue