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Communication World (CW)

Learn about best practices and get insights from today's brightest thought leaders in Communication World, IABC's award-winning member magazine that's now digital.

In this issue

Using Design in Communication

How to Apply Good Design at Every Level of Your Organization
Instilling good, consistent design principles in your business starts with creating a shared visual language as an extension of your current brand guidelines, and reinforcing its importance at all levels of your organization.
by Jason Lankow

story and visuals

Story and Visuals: The building blocks of great presentations
The best presenters do two basic things really well: First, they craft narratives that capture their audiences' attention. Second, they pair these stories with visuals that support and enhance their points without distracting from them.
by Nancy Duarte

camera-free video

Camera-free Video Production: Actors not required
How do communicators produce professional-quality video content without breaking the bank? One way is by creating animated videos that get the message across without involving the risk and expense of using spokespeople..
by Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC

Also in this issue

Lynda McDaniel on how to keep readers engaged and a Gold Quill Award-winning case study on a week-long communication training for employees of the European Training Foundation.

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