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Find out how to submit articles and letters to Communication World.

CW Online

Submission Guidelines

Communication World magazine: Submissions

All article submissions and letters to the editor should be directed to:

Jessica Burnette-Lemon
Senior Editor
601 Montgomery Street
Suite 1900
San Francisco, CA 94111 U.S.
Phone: +1 415.544.4700 x741
Toll Free: 800.776.4222
Fax: +1 415.544.4747

IABC reserves the right to edit letters to the editor and all submitted materials.


About Communication World
Communication World is published by IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) as a service to members. Communication World is full-color, digital magazine published monthly.

IABC members are professionals in the communication field. They range from top executives and employees at Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations to consultants, educators and communication students. Our goal with Communication World is to stay on the forefront of developments in the communication profession and report them in an informative, timely and entertaining way to assist and inspire readers.

Articles in Communication World address a wide range of topics of interest to communicators of all levels and specialties, including:

  • Marketing communication
  • Media relations and public relations
  • Employee communication
  • Career advice
  • Tactics for the corporate, agency and freelance spheres
  • Harnessing technology and new media
  • Communicating globally
  • Strategic planning
  • Speech writing and presentations
  • Internal and external communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Timely updates on IABC members and activities

Regular features include interviews with innovators in the communication field, spotlights on industry trends and case studies of current issues and topics. Our magazine emphasizes articles with a multicultural, multinational dimension. Articles should not promote any commercial service, product or organization.

Also, remember that the “I” in IABC is for “international.” It is important to remember that references to local publications, TV shows, movies, radio programs, and political or other well-known personalities in your region may not be recognized in other parts of the world. Holidays, special events and seasons of the year also vary throughout the globe. All articles submitted must appeal to an international readership; references, case studies or interviews should cover a diverse geographical cross section.

Style and editing
Communication World stresses clear, straightforward expository style. Avoid unnecessary words, lengthy sentences, convoluted paragraphs, sarcasm and jargon. Articles are edited by Communication World staff for content, organization, accuracy, style, grammar, punctuation, spelling and length to adhere to our professional publishing practices. Although editors try to preserve authors’ personal writing styles, final decisions reside with the editors. For style standards, refer to the IABC Style Guide, The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.

Editorial calendar
The 2014 CW editorial and advertising calendar and deadlines are below. Please note: Editorial content is subject to change.

2014 Calendar

ISSUE (2014)


EDITORIAL: Assignment deadline*

EDITORIAL: Copy deadline

ADVERTISING: Ad materials deadline

PUBLICATION: Issue release date


The new leadership culture

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

1 January


Millennials: Managing and retaining new talent

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

5 February


Intranets meet social media

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

5 March


The evolution of digital PR

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

2 April


New CW site development

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed


Branding: Inside and out

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

4 June


Harnessing the power of big data

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

2 July


Innovation + planning = excellence

Gold Quill Awards special section

issue closed

issue closed

issue closed

6 August


Gamification: Fun and games can be serious business

20 June

21 July

8 August

3 September


The art of visual content

21 July

20 August

8 September

1 October


Brand journalism: Creating value and showing results

20 August

17 September

10 October

5 November


Reputation and transparency: Cultivating your authentic voice

17 September

20 October

7 November

3 December

* All outlines for feature articles approved and complete line-up is set.

Queries and manuscripts
Communication World editors welcome written queries and story outlines. In order to be considered, article ideas must be submitted in outline format by the assignment deadline specified above. The outline should contain at least an introductory paragraph and five bullet points. Although content will be discussed and developed with the editors, in general, articles must:

  • Focus on external or internal organizational communication.
  • Deal with a current or emerging communication issue.
  • Cover research on the topic.
  • Include best practices and other examples.
  • Include applicable and relevant resources (online and print).
  • Be relevant to an international audience (case studies, statistics, legal implications, language, etc.).
  • Not advocate a particular product, service or company.

When preparing a submission for CW, please consider the following questions:

  • What is the primary purpose of the article?
  • What is the overarching issue or trend that is being addressed in the article?
  • Who is the audience for the article, within the IABC audience?
  • What insights, perspectives, guidance and innovative ideas will the reader gain?
  • What practical learning points will the reader walk away with and how can they apply this information to help support their organization and/or career?
  • Does the article include detailed case study examples, and are the examples threaded throughout the article to support the points being made?
  • Will the article include quotes from other experts who have addressed this issue?
  • Will the article include references to research and opposing views to create balance?

Communication World articles are published on a non-fee basis. Communication World staff can provide research support for articles once they have been selected for print in the magazine. To qualify for this support, please make arrangements with the editors by contacting cwmagazine@iabc.com.

Simultaneous submissions and previously published manuscripts
At the time of submission, authors must inform IABC editors in writing if they have simultaneously submitted their article to other publications, if the article has been accepted or considered for publication elsewhere, or if it has been published elsewhere.

Unless other arrangements are agreed on in advance, Communication World acquires full rights to articles upon acceptance. Articles appearing in Communication World also may be included in third-party databases, and posted on the IABC website.

Material submitted for publication is assumed to be the author’s own work. If the author has improperly used someone else’s work, Communication World, IABC and IABC staff are to be held harmless of any resulting liability.

Reprints and permissions requests

To make copies or reprint an article in CW for distribution, please submit your request to www.copyright.com.

Manuscript preparation
For Communication World, editors prefer articles of 800-1,000 words. Please provide a one-sentence credit line (name, job title, organization name, city and state/province). Also include your address, telephone number and e-mail address so that we may contact you.

Submit manuscripts for Communication World as attachments through email.

Tables, charts and graphs are welcome. Refer to them in the text as exhibits and number them consecutively (i.e., Exhibit 1). Keep formatting simple by using only boldface, italics and tabs. Any photos or illustrations should be accompanied by descriptive captions and credit lines. We prefer high-resolution .jpg, .tif or .png files (300 dpi or higher). Communication World editors assume that authors hold the copyright to all graphics submitted, or that they have the approval of copyright holders. If the author has improperly used someone else’s work, Communication World, IABC and IABC staff are to be held harmless of any resulting liability.