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CW Bulletin

CW Bulletin is the e-newsletter supplement to CW magazine. Sent each month to all members, every issue of CW Bulletin presents articles, case studies and additional resources on timely topics in communication.

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Inform and Engage Employees with Video
July 2012 | Volume 10 Issue 7

Videos have emerged as an effective way of engaging and informing employees in an increasingly mobile workforce that’s often overloaded with information. But, there’s much more to it than grabbing your cellphone and shooting a video. In this CW Bulletin issue, our experts offer guidance on using videos to capture employees’ attention, including how to develop an internal video-sharing platform, interviewing techniques and hiring the right contractor to get the job done.

Natasha Nicholson
Executive Editor

Amanda Aiello Beck
Managing Editor



Grassroots Video Emerges as an Effective Employee Engagement Tool

by Ron Hess

The emergence of YouTube and other video-sharing websites, combined with enhancements in handheld cameras and mobile devices, has made video easier and cheaper to do, creating a whole generation of do-it-yourselfers who love to tell their stories on camera and post them for thousands of others to see. That interest extends into the workplace, as grassroots video has become a popular method to engage employees.


How to Launch an Internal Video-sharing Program

by Paolo Tosolini

Today, communicators have so many options to choose from when delivering messages to their internal audiences. Email and web pages have been the norm for years, constituting the traditional "push" and "pull" communication models. But as technology has become more affordable and easier to use, online video has emerged as a dominant employee communication medium.


8 Benefits of Using Video to Communicate with Employees

by Lawson Cox

Internal communicators know that their role is to help meet business goals by giving employees the information they need to further the mission of the company or organization. As an internal communicator, there are many media you can use to reach employees. Video can be an important and effective component in your employee communication mix.


10 Interview Techniques for Engaging and Authentic Videos

by Kristin Sukraw

Video interviews can be a powerful communication tool for organizations looking to tell their story to employees. The persuasive power of an unscripted anecdote, told from the heart, cannot be underestimated.

If creating connections through video interviews is something that your organization has decided to do, here are some pointers to help you get to the good stuff.


Video Contracting Basics

by Anna Jaffe and Dan Margolies

These days, video is everywhere—from JumboTrons to smartphones. The best videos tell compelling stories, persuade audiences and take viewers where they might not otherwise be able to go. That's why it's astounding that, in this video-saturated age, there continues to be a fundamental lack of understanding about how to use this powerful medium. Too many companies, nonprofits and government agencies fail to understand the value and impact video—when properly and professionally done—can have on their bottom line.


9 Secrets to Success with Corporate Videos

by Scott Rankin

The secrets to success in corporate video aren’t always about the technology or the creative approach—although both have vital roles in media production. At the core of every great project are solid communication strategy and crisp project management, fundamentals that can easily be upstaged by the sheer force of the production process. But with some managerial discipline and forethought, you can engineer success into your corporate video project from the very beginning.


Point of View

Is Integration the Missing Ingredient in Today’s PR Strategy?
by Johnny McGinley

An organization’s annual public relations strategy tends to be seen as a glossy document, yet these types of documents often remind me of the phrase “all that glistens isn’t gold.” Now I know you may be thinking at this point that this is another one of those articles about how PR strategies are nothing more than glossy documents, right? I believe quite the opposite is true.

Case Studies
  • "ScotiaTube," Scotiabank Group Mexico
  • Are You Ready? Vancity Launches a New Intranet," Vancity
  • "NETcast: A Quarterly Raytheon Video Webcast," Raytheon Network Centric Systems
  • "The Deloitte Film Festival," Deloitte LLP

Communication in the News

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  • "Video on the Rise for Employee Communications," by Chuck Gose
  • "4 Tips for Creating an Internal Video Strategy," by Troy Dreier




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