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CW Bulletin was a monthly e-newsletter featuring articles, case studies and new ideas of interest to communicators. For new original and curated articles, visit our new Reading Room.

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Four Key Elements to Communicating Change

by Katherine Coble, APR

There have been all sorts of articles over the years about obstacles to change and the difference between change leadership and change management. Major organizational change can fail for a number of reasons if the change isn't planned or executed effectively.


Why It’s Critical to Have a Content Strategy Before You Create a Social Media Profile

by Dechay Watts

To get the most from social media as useful marketing tools, you can’t jump in haphazardly. It’s not enough just to set up a profile—anyone can do that. Your involvement has to have a strategy and purpose behind it. Your social media efforts will have a greater impact on your organization when they are tied to a solid content strategy. Here are some steps to help you decide which social networks are the most beneficial for your organization and how to use them to achieve the best results.


The 5 Essential Types of Social Media Content

by Carolyn Capern

The Internet in general—and social media in particular—has changed the way organizations reach an audience with their products, services and ideas. And the sheer volume of social media channels now available can be overwhelming. But there are five types of content that organizations should share on social media. Each type of content serves a different marketing goal, but at its heart, each goal is about building relationships with your audience.


The Smart Guide to Social Media Content Strategy

by Ernest Barbaric

Content strategy is to branding as a cover is to a book. Just as people judge books by their covers, they will judge your brand by the content it produces. And just like your business needs to have a strategic vision, your content also needs to serve a greater purpose.


Creating an Effective Content Strategy

by Sarah Worsham

Tweets, pictures, posts and likes are all you need to have a successful social media content strategy, right? That may be true for a personal social media account, but organizations need to make a profit, and social media can help. Creating effective social media content is more than using the right keywords for search engine optimization. Content needs to be interesting and useful to the target audience.


Social Media Content Strategy: Which network is best for your organization?

by Kelsey L. Jones

When your organization has finally decided to craft a formal social media content strategy, it is easy to get overwhelmed. First there's the question of deciding which social networks to begin using. Then, you must decide how to use them and what type of content should be used. These questions alone are enough to make some organizations procrastinate and avoid setting up a strategy all together.


Cognitive Science + Common Sense = Effective Presentations

Achieving Higher Audience Engagement to Improve Presentations
by Eric Bergman, ABC

As social media are teaching us, the best communication is a back-and-forth exchange. If this makes sense for text messages and Facebook posts, it makes sense when people actually get together for the purpose of improving a group’s understanding or motivating them to action. Presentations should mirror the back-and-forth exchange of new technologies by encouraging questions throughout, and providing answers that are clear and concise.

Case Studies
  • "Using Twitter to Build a Case for Social Media," Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • "Gautrain Social Media Strategy," Gautrain Rapid Rail Link
  • "Voice of the Customer," Network Solutions and Livingston Communications

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