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2013 World Conference

Web Seminars

IABC offers web seminars with all-star speakers presenting the latest trends and best practices in communication. Join the live sessions or listen to the session recordings at your convenience. The web seminars are free for IABC members and US$100 for non-members.Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest web seminar offerings.

Content Marketing: Making It Work for You (Non-Members)
Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What's driving most marketing these days is the notion that it needs to be content rich. More than slogans, more than announcements, it needs to be news consumers can use, value-added information that builds consumer relationships, enhances brand loyalty, and establishes thought leadership. The emergence of new channels for conveying that content makes it easier, but more confusing-not only for consumers of that content, but for those who create it. Faced with so much content, consumers are becoming much more selective about where they find content, what they read, and how much they can absorb. And that means that, if they're to have an impact, content creators need to be that much more careful about what content they produce, where and how they distribute it, and how they package it.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to use the content revolution to build your brand and develop loyalty among your various publics.
  • How to think through a multichannel, strategic content marketing campaign.
  • How to take advantage of new forms of content such as "native advertising"-and use them properly.
  • Why print is not dead, and how to use it effectively.

Presenter: Mike Winkleman, President and CCO of Leverage Media


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Archived Web Seminars for Non-members

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The Rise of the Millennials: Transforming the Enterprise through Gamification
Recorded 14 May 2014

The Millennial generation is transforming the enterprise - for better and worse. Taking advantage of their unique technical and social skills requires cutting through the noise and creating engagement. That's where gamification comes in. Some leading organizations are realizing the power of gamification to enhance work, reaping spectacular increases in productivity, engagement, innovation and business outcomes. In this session gamification expert Gabe Zichermann take you behind the scenes to discover what's driving this extraordinary trend, key successes and failures, and major design patterns that will enable your organization to take advantage of this innovation.

Presenter: Gabe Zichermann, Founder and CEO of Dopamine and Gamification Co., Conference Chair, Gamification Summit

Building a Culture of Trust: Findings from the Social Workplace Trust Study
Recorded 9 December 2013

Learn the bottom-line benefits of using social media in the workplace as Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran, co-founders of Human 1.0, present findings from the first edition of the Social Workplace Trust Study. The study explores the relationship between workplace trust and employee social media use. Learn the study's key findings covering social media's effect on productivity, the relation of age and job level to social media and the effect that open communication has on trust among employees.

Presenters: Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran, Co-founders and Co-presidents of Human 1.0 and co-authors of The Hyper-Social Organization

Building Your Communications Career
Recorded 4 December 2013

This lively webinar offers an entertaining and practical approach to staying fresh and growing in your career as a communications leader. Topics include:

  • Building influence internally and recognizing the "wins" that keep your career moving in the right direction.
  • Communicating externally when you are ready to make a move to a new company or industry.
  • Being conscious (deliberate) about your career goals, whether they follow a specific ladder for growth, or a winding path of diverse opportunities.

Presenter: Angee Linsey, Managing Director, Linsey Careers

Globalize Your CEO's Communication Skills
Recorded 7 November 2013

What does it take to be a successful leader in today's global marketplace? For CEOs and other senior executives of companies doing business in multiple markets, the 21st century demands a high level of intercultural communication competence. Learn what skills are required, and how you can help your leaders and the entire organization become more inter-culturally competent.

Presenter: Barbara Gibson, ABC, Instructor, Hult International Business School and Syracuse University

Collaboration Success: Driving and Measuring Business Value with Enterprise Social
Recorded 22 October 2013

In this webinar, Rav Dhaliwal discusses how to drive and measure business value with Enterprise Social Software. He will show how as communicators we can convince leadership to implement social collaboration tools by focusing on how they drive business value, rather than focusing on the technology.

Presenter: Rav Dhaliwal, Director, Customer Success EMEA, Yamm

Unleash Your Inner Storyteller
Recorded 28 Aug 2013

Do you want your readers to remember your messages in your newsletters, articles, blogs, and books? Add stories. Learn the structure and stages of story development from hook to complications to resolution. You'll also explore how to make a good story even better through alliteration, similes, and senses.

Presenter: Lynda McDaniel, Founder and Director, Association for Creative Business Writing

Achieving Success Through Personal Branding
Recorded 21 August 2013

Students and professionals will learn how to create and maintain their personal brand. Learn why professionals need a personal brand and the steps in creating one. Enhance your knowledge and skills with the highest quality research, articles and best practices. Access professional development resources used by top communicators. Add value to your resume, connect with professionals and gain experience. Discover the hidden job market.

Presenter: Heather Huhman, Founder and President, Come Recommended

Measuring What Matters in Owned, Earned & Paid Media
Recorded 10 July 2013

In this webinar, you'll hear how you, as a communications professional, can accurately measure your owned, earned and paid media campaigns. You will learn how to:

  • Execute on tested media relations strategies, such as blogging, video storytelling, press releases, interviews and more
  • Establish key performance metrics such as views, influence and engagement
  • Develop digests for your team and reports for stakeholder review
  • Manage expectations for on-going internal and external communication strategies

Presenters: Janet Harris, Upstream Analysis and Dane Wiseman, Critical Mention

An Introduction to Visualization
Recorded 14 May 2013

In a world drowned in data, infographics and visualization are becoming key skills for business communicators. This session explores how to design graphs, maps, charts, and diagrams that are not only attractive, but that let readers identify patterns and trends, and get valuable insights from datasets. We will also cover the best strategies to tell stories based on displays that combine visual and textual components.

Presenter: Alberto Cairo, Instructor, University of Miami and author of The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization

Creating Ethics and Authenticity Through Communications
Recorded 1 May 2013

Dr. Bowen will discuss the role of ethics in creating an authentic organization, with PR advising the C-suite on relationships and reputation.

Presenter: Dr. Shannon A. Bowen, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of South Carolina

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