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CW Bulletin

CW Bulletin is the e-newsletter supplement to CW magazine. Sent each month to all members, every issue of CW Bulletin presents articles, case studies and additional resources on timely topics in communication.

CW Online

CW magazine digital edition:
Frequently asked questions

The publishing world is going digital, and in keeping with that movement, and to better serve IABC members, we’ve reinvented CW magazine as a cutting-edge, tablet-friendly publication. Starting with the May 2013 issue, CW will be a digital-only publication. The last print issue was January-February 2013. IABC’s monthly e-newsletter, CW Bulletin, has been rolled into the new CW, creating one monthly publication.

The new digital CW provides members with multiple ways of getting the information you need now to do your job better. Optimized for mobile devices for easy, on-the-go access, the new CW still includes all of the insightful content of the print version, but with multimedia features that make it more shareable and interactive.

See the Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information on why we’re switching to a digital-only publication and how to access the new CW.

How can I access the digital edition?
You can access the new digital CW in the following ways:

On the Web
A web-based digital edition that includes multimedia and social-media sharing features is available on the IABC website. You can access this version through your browser on any device, including your desktop/laptop and smartphone.

Through an app
CW is available through apps to IABC members. Non-members can purchase annual subscriptions as well as individual issues in the apps.

  • iPad: The new CW is optimized for the iPad. The iPad edition is available through a branded CW app. Search for “Communication World” in the app store on your iPad. Download the app, which will automatically load a sample issue in the Apple Newsstand. Tap on the CW cover in the Newsstand. Tap “My Account” at the bottom of the screen and enter your member ID and password. Once you are signed in, all published issues will be available for download in the library.
  • Kindle Fire: The Communication World app is available in the Amazon app store. IABC members can log in to download issues using the email address associated with their IABC membership.
  • iPhone: The Communication World app is available in the Apple app store. IABC members can log in to download issues using the email address associated with their IABC membership.
  • Android devices: The Communication World app is available in the Google Play app store. For easier reading, tap the “text” button once the issue has downloaded.

    User updates
    21 May 2013—
    We’ve received reports of the following error message in the Google Play app on some Android devices: "Your device isn't compatible with this version." We are looking into this issue and will come back with more information as soon as possible.

    23 May 2013—The Google Play app has been updated. If you previously received an error message, please try downloading the app again. You may need to turn your device off completely and then restart before trying the download again. If you are still having trouble downloading the app, please send the following information to cwmagazine@iabc.com:

    1. What device are you using (e.g. Droid Charge smartphone, model # SCH-I510)

    2. What’s the name and number of the operating system you are using? (e.g. Android 2.3.6)

    3. Are you using the mobile/browser version (through a link) or the app that corresponds to your device (e.g. Google Play app for Android devices).

    4. Tell us what you’re experiencing—what happens, specifically, when you try to access the app?

Why was this change made?
This change is happening as part of IABC’s larger effort to revitalize its digital presence, and to keep pace with trends in how audiences are consuming content. The use of mobile devices, including adoption of tablets like the iPad, has grown among business professionals at an incredible rate worldwide. Research from trend-spotting organizations like Gartner, the Knight Center for Digital Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and others, have shown that the tablet is rapidly becoming the device of choice for reading in-depth content, particularly magazine content.

We are producing a digital edition that is optimized for tablets, but is also available on desktops/laptops and smartphones. The new digital edition:

  • Adds rich layers to content (including audio, video, slideshows and infographics) that make it more dynamic and informative.
  • Better serves our international audience with faster and more reliable delivery.
  • Speeds content development so that members can access the latest innovative ideas more quickly.
  • Is better for the environment (by producing a smaller carbon footprint by eliminating printing and mailing).
  • Is more cost-effective for the association in the long term, as printing and postage costs continue to rise.
  • Helps IABC and its members lead the way in the use of innovative new communication methods and technology.

Was this a cost-based decision?
The transition to the digital edition was made to keep pace with larger trends in content development and distribution. However, printing and mailing are very expensive, and their costs are tied to the prices of gas and other natural resources, which continue to rise. By going digital, we are able to refocus IABC resources where they will create the greatest value for members. An added bonus is that IABC will reduce its carbon footprint while producing a key resource in a more sustainable way.

When will the first digital edition be released?
The first digital issue will be the May 2013 issue.

When will the last print issue be published?
January-February was the last print issue. There was no March-April issue in order to prepare for the launch of the digital edition in May.

What happened to the CW Bulletin e-newsletter?
CW Bulletin has been rolled into the monthly CW digital edition. You’ll still get the informative, how-to advice you get from Bulletin articles, but they are combined with more in-depth feature articles like those in CW. Combining the two means more current content on both strategic and tactical approaches to communication issues.

I don’t have a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device—how can I read CW?
You can still read the digital edition of CW from a desktop or laptop. The desktop/laptop digital edition has all the same content as the app version, including the same multimedia and sharing features. You can print both individual articles and full issues from the desktop version of the magazine on the IABC website.

To access the digital edition from your desktop or laptop, either follow the link for “On the Web” in the monthly CW email or go to www.iabc.com/cw.

How will I know when a new issue is available?
All IABC members will receive a brief email prompt when a new issue is available. The email will include links and instructions for accessing the digital edition. New issues will also appear for download in the CW app as they are published.

Is there still a way to print CW?
Yes, you are still able to print both individual articles and full issues from the web-based version of the magazine on the IABC website. You are also able to email articles and share them through social media through both the web-based version and the app.

Is the content of CW still for IABC members only?
The web-based edition of the first four issues of the digital CW will be available to the public for free. After four months, CW content will be available exclusively to IABC members and paying subscribers. However, with the new digital edition, you are able to share a certain number of individual articles with non-members.

The app versions are only available to IABC members (see log-in instructions above). Non-members can purchase annual subscriptions as well as individual issues through the apps.

What about e-readers like the Nook or Kindle?
At this time, CW is not available on the Nook, but is available on the Kindle Fire. You can find it in the Amazon app store by searching for “Communication World.”

We will continue to add to this list of FAQs. Please feel free to send questions or concerns to member_relations@iabc.com.