10 Strategic Imperatives to Follow for Social Media Success


As 2016 rolls in, social media are no longer the shiny new objects in your communication strategy. They play a pivotal part in allowing your organization to spread its messages, protect and improve your brand’s reputation, inspire your fans and customers, and achieve its mission, objectives and goals.

If you are a corporate communicator, 2016 is the time to seize the day—and the big data—and embrace the opportunity to apply some key imperatives to your social media strategy. Use the following 10 essential guidelines this year to make sure that your social media communication does not look generic and your critical messages do not go unheard.

1. Go mobile or go home

In the past, most corporations could get away with linking from their Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts to corporate websites that were not compatible with smartphones and tablets. In 2016, if your corporate website is not mobile-friendly, your social media nuggets of gold will be rendered worthless—prospects will leave your site quicker than you can hit “delete” on your keyboard.

Before you deploy any social media campaign, ensure that your organization has upgraded to a mobile-friendly site with responsive design. If you need to convince leadership of this need, just take your CEO to a conference room, open up your homepage on your tablet and ask him to find his profile. That works really well to get executive buy-in, if all else fails.

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