10 Ways to Turn Social Media Data into Smart Data

social media data

Credit: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

Social media aren’t just a marketing channel—they’re a gold mine of information. If your primary goal with social media is solely to amass a large digital entourage, it’s time to change tactics to extract meaningful smart data intelligence from your social media analytics. Here’s how, in 10 easy steps.

1. Change the way you think about data.

Crunching the numbers on demographic and audience segmentation data might not be a sexy pursuit, but knowledge is power. For a professional communicator, being able to strategically harness that information to create tactical content that responds to your users is well worth the effort.

When to communicate on social media is as important as what you communicate. Take a look at your Facebook insights and Twitter analytics to see when your audience is online and schedule your content to go live at those times for optimal organic reach. Facebook insights will also tell you what type of content your audience engages with the most. Take note of what engages them and replicate those successes.

2. It’s not about you. It never was. It’s about your audience and how you make them feel.

While sentiment analysis (the process of determining whether a comment or post is positive, negative or neutral) is not an exact science, it does have its place in gauging your audience’s perceptions about and feelings toward your brand, the content you are producing and your organization’s place in the broader information environment. Listen to the conversations happening on social media—not necessarily to respond, but to cultivate ongoing relationships.

There are a myriad of social media sentiment analysis tools on the market that can assist you with monitoring sentiment, from Mention to Hootsuite’s uberVU (both well-integrated solutions that also provide social media scheduling capability) and more.

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