2014 Transit Route Changes

Case Studies

gq-logoThe City of Saskatoon implemented enhanced transit routes in July 2014. Changes included changes to existing routes and the introduction of several new routes. While these changes are considered improvements, they also had the potential to confuse or frustrate transit users.

Business need/opportunity

Although changes to the City of Saskatoon’s transit system are made as a result of ridership patterns, projected City growth and feedback from Transit System users, past changes were met with backlash and complaints that customers didn’t know things were changing or that services no longer met customer needs. In 2013, transit customer service staff spent the entire month after changes were made dealing with complaints and guiding customers through the changes. The time spent by staff responding to complaints resulted in delays for other customers wanting to purchase bus passes or with routine requests for trip advice. In December 2013, Transit Administration determined that major changes to the Transit System were needed for 2014.