Nominations open for 2019 class of IABC Fellows



The IABC Fellows Committee is now seeking nominations for the 2019 class of Fellows. The IABC Fellow designation is awarded each year to individuals who are recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders in the profession. Do you know someone who fits the description of a Fellow?

What is an IABC Fellow?

The IABC Fellow award recognizes members who have demonstrated tremendous leadership and contributions to the profession and the association. Only 91 of the world’s top leaders have earned this superlative designation. It is considered by IABC to be a career achievement for the industry.

IABC Fellow criteria

IABC members are invited to nominate their peers who exemplify the following:

  • Contribution to, and leadership in, organizational communication.
  • Career achievement.
  • Authorship, speaking and lecturing.
  • Contributions to the IABC.
  • Demonstrated alignment with IABC Shared Values.

How to nominate

To nominate a peer for the 2019 Fellow award, you will be asked questions relating to the selection criteria listed above, and you will need to provide the following for the online submission:

  • Completed online application.
  • Your personal letter of recommendation.*
  • Nominee’s current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Contact information (name and email) for four (4) sponsors.**

For further information on the submission process, questions to expect and a timeline–please refer to the Fellows Briefing Packet.

*The nominators personal letter of recommendation should speak to how nominee demonstrates the IABC Shared Values and Brand Personality.

**What is a Sponsor? These individuals are chosen to represent the following four areas of required criteria listed below. They are individuals, like the nominator, who officially raise their hand in support of the nominee. Their role is to endorse the nomination, and to provide a letter of recommendation regarding the nominee’s demonstration of IABC’s Shared Values and Brand Personality and one of the four areas of a nominee’s expertise listed below. Nominator is only responsible for providing contact information and selecting four sponsors.

  1. Contribution to, and leadership in, organizational communication.
  2. Career achievement.
  3. Authorship, speaking and lecturing.
  4. Contributions to the IABC.

Nominate someone using our online nomination form today.

Deadline: Friday, 3 December by 11:59 a.m. CT.

Submissions for the IABC Fellow award are not carried over year after year. Individuals need to submit a new nomination package for the current year. Self-nomination is not allowed.

What is the IABC Fellows Committee?

The Fellows Committee is responsible for evaluating annual nominations and making recommendations to the IABC Executive Board (IEB) for up to five IABC Fellows each year. This committee is also responsible for input to the IEB on policy, standards and strategic development of the IABC Fellows program.

Any questions? Please reach out to