Case Studies

A Winning Combination: Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Employee Communication
By Maribeth Welch
28 October 2014

gq-logoRaytheon Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS), a global business that provides cybersecurity products and services along with a full range of training, space, logistics and engineering solutions, implemented an internal communications plan supporting a company reorganization. The plan was necessary to support Raytheon’s efforts to address a rapidly evolving and more competitive business environment. IIS was combined with another Raytheon business, and the challenge was to inform and educate employees on the new business and ensure full engagement for continued success. The IIS Communications team was charged with creating and implementing an employee communication strategy to build employee confidence in the business and engage them to ensure no degradation of performance to help the company achieve its business forecast.



Maribeth Welch

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