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Canadian Research Knowledge Network: Are we up for change?

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Employee Communication
By Dyna Vink, ABC
28 October 2014

gq-logoThe Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) anticipated significant leadership change in late 2012 as the founding Executive Director prepared for her departure at about the same time as the three year term of the volunteer Chair came to an end. In addition, the three year strategic plan would be winding down. This compounded uncertainty needed to be managed with the membership to build confidence for uninterrupted program delivery. At the strategic level, these layered changes provided an opportunity for the organization to harness the energy required to see the organization through and focus on an updated vision and mandate.

The scholarly publishing sector had been undergoing significant changes since the inception of CRKN in 2000, and the innovative approaches of that time were no longer sufficient. An environmental scan identified new developments in copyright law, open access and data management were advancing academic library function internationally. In order to address the most significant risk to the organization, CRKN had to remain relevant. The leadership changes presented an opportunity to refocus attention win support for an expanded vision that would serve all members and raise the bar of the Canadian academic knowledge platform by offering an expanded set of services to meet changing market requirements.


Dyna Vink, ABC

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