3 Steps to Strategic Audience Segmentation


Understanding your customers’ needs is essential to any strategic communication campaign. That’s why you need a targeted approach, which allows you to proactively address their concerns, engage them in more meaningful conversations and earn their loyalty to your brand. So where do you start? Learning about audiences’ perceptions, needs, expectations and motivations begins by asking yourself, “Who are we trying to educate about our company’s programs or initiatives?”

This question is important, because messages should be tailored to be relevant and interesting for different audiences to engage them in ongoing dialogue. You can reach different audiences through various tactics and communication tools, so knowing how your audience wants to be reached and what they want to hear can make a huge impact on ensuring your company’s communication strategy is effective.

By categorizing your customers into well-defined and actionable segments, you’ll be able to:

  • Anticipate different customer needs and challenges and create segment-targeted communication strategies that can enhance their experience and engagement.
  • Maximize ROI and budget efficiently by only using marketing tactics and channels that reach the intended audience, based on what they want to hear.
  • Promote brand loyalty by positioning your company as one that cares for an audience’s specific needs.

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