3 Things All Strong Brands Have in Common

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By Shelley Ahrens
6 November 2018

A strong brand is one that can stand the test of time. It exists to make a difference in people’s lives—the lives of the customers who benefit from its products and services and the lives of employees who work hard to deliver them. Many factors impact the ultimate success of a brand, but there are three things all strong brands have in common: an authentic brand promise, engaged employees that bring the promise to life, and most important, consistently meaningful customer experiences.

No brand will survive long-term if its customers’ experiences fall short of expectations, and it’s certainly not possible to consistently meet those expectations without a dedicated and engaged workforce. An authentic and meaningful brand promise helps connect the employee experience with the customer experience. When these elements are in alignment, the conditions are in place for a strong brand to grow and thrive.

Developing an authentic brand promise

An authentic brand promise, at its most basic level, gives consumers a reason to consider becoming a customer. It’s a promise that a brand will deliver a meaningful benefit, telling consumers what to expect, and setting the tone for the feelings and emotions the brand hopes to elicit. That’s why it’s so important for marketers to carefully craft their brand promise, cultivate its growth, and monitor its success at building trusting relationships with customers over time.

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Shelley Ahrens

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