5 Tech Trends that Will Rule Digital Platforms in 2018

Credit: istockphoto.com/alvarez

Credit: istockphoto.com/alvarez

With chatbots, voice search, virtual assistants, automated content curators, AI-generated content, augmented reality, and more, technology is once again poised to change the lives of marketing and communication professionals. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more mainstream, its use in digital media is continuing to grow at a fast clip. In 2018, we will see more and more companies beginning to experiment with AI-powered tools and invest in AI-related technologies.

Curation platforms and content marketing

AI is already playing a noteworthy role in all areas of content development and management—from discovery to curation and sharing. AI is powering content marketing services take content discovery to the next level using social search by letting content managers find the content that resonates with their audience and helping them curate it swiftly and effortlessly to improve engagement and content performance. Tools such as BuzzSumo now use machine learning to help improve and simplify the work of typical digital agency that searches, tracks, filters, and analyzes the impact of the content they create and share.

Natural language generation and AI-generated content

Content robots are finally here, and AI is helping them write intelligent narratives using automated storytelling technology and natural language generation (NLG).

Automated Insights is a company that is helping companies automate over 1.5 billion narratives annually through Wordsmith, which it calls “the world’s most powerful natural language generation platform.” Its API for NLG today can generate millions of narratives in a matter of milliseconds—from hotel descriptions and city guides to daily weather forecasts and sports recaps.

Another big player in content AI is Narrative Science, the developer of Quill, a program it says humanizes data with technology that “interprets your data and transforms it into ‘intelligent narratives’ at speed and scale.” Quill is currently writing over a million words a day for companies such as Forbes, Credit Suisse and Groupon.

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