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6 Essentials of Communication From a Negotiator’s Perspective

Recorded on 30 July 2020

Presented by Geeta Chopra

Watch this webinar to enhance your communication skills by strengthening your negotiation knowledge. Learn how to speak to your counterparts to get transactions completed, win customers, introduce yourself to new associates and build your network.

We are always negotiating something whether we realize it or not. Master the skill of business communication by uncovering psychological truths that most people don’t even know are at work. Excel at understanding your audience with the psychology of negotiating.

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Presenter / Geeta Chopra is the founder of Chopra Real Estate Developments where she negotiated over 500 leases, contracts and deals. She will explore strategies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to influence the other side through psychology. Yes, you can win every time. Learn powerful tactics from some of the best hostage negotiators and the most successful business people in the world.


Morgan Manghera is the senior content associate for IABC.

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