6 Maxims of Targeted Mobile Employee Communication


Recently we crossed a pretty amazing milestone at Walmart: Roughly seven in 10 of our employees connect to our site on a mobile device.

Surprising? Given the proliferation of smartphones, not so much. But also challenging. Our site is a one-stop-shop for many things our employees need: benefits, news, communities, services, pay and schedule information, and it’s not easy to serve up information on a screen a few inches across.

It’s a conundrum for communication pros everywhere. How do we make content compelling, yet short? Pithy, yet substantive? Interesting, even when it’s boring? (And we know corporate stuff can be boring.) How do we tailor information to be delivered to people on the go, who may only see our communications on a mobile device?

There is no simple answer. But there are approaches you can take that will help drive better engagement from your audience: six maxims for mobile employee communication.

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