6 Steps to Creating a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy


The key to using social media successfully for your organization in 2016 is to have a detailed plan that drives all of your marketing efforts.

This article will outline how to create a comprehensive six-step integrated social media strategy that takes into account business goals and objectives, and that focuses on the needs and interests of your customers.

1. Tie social media to marketing goals

If we are going to approach social media strategically, in a way that relates to your overall marketing goals and objectives, it helps to know the strengths of social.

In my experience, social shines in five areas: building brand awareness, assisting with generating demand for your product or service, fostering word-of-mouth, increasing customer loyalty and promoting customer advocacy.

Think of ways that social media could help your organization, given these strengths (and any weaknesses you can think of). Come up with two or three goals and supporting objectives from this perspective, to start.

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