9 Ways Communication and Human Resources Can Collaborate

Credit: istockphoto.com/AJ_Watt

Credit: istockphoto.com/AJ_Watt

There are many reasons for integrating internal and external communication, but who’s going to be responsible for what? And what do you need to accomplish a successful integration? And where does human resources fit in?

With the speed of technological change ever increasing, we need to use the experience and talent of different departments and functions, and combine methods to meet overlapping goals. With several functions involved in meeting similar goals, integration is even more important than ever.

Let’s start with some broad definitions of what communication and human resources have historically been responsible for, where some are also complementary to other departments.

The role of internal communication is to facilitate everyone, from employees to CEOs, in better comprehending the organization’s goals, processes and challenges, but also to train different departments, including human resources, in how to communicate the right message, and make sure that technology is used to widen the reach to all employees. Today’s technology also requires a different approach to inform the employee, as different devices and different generations mix with diverse demands for frequency and content.

External communication manages the right message and creates the pertinent dialogues with the community, the media, government and all the key shareholders, making sure they stay connected, as information is shared at light speed.

Human resources want to attract and retain talent for the company, as well as walk employees through upcoming changes, as the world is changing faster out and inside companies.

These functions are already becoming blurred and need combined team efforts to perform at their best. But there are some key functions that require purposeful integration and teamwork from two or three departments:

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