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IABC Committees and Task Forces

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IABC Board Committees

Programmatic Committees

Task Forces/Short Term Committee

IABC board committees

Ethics committee

The IABC Ethics Committee is responsible for input to the IABC International Executive Board (IEB) on policy, standards, strategic development, education and monitoring in relation to ethical matters and upholding the IABC Code of Ethics.

  • Romany Rzechowicz, CMP – Chair
  • Todd “Tosh” Hattori, ABC, IABC Fellow
  • Stephanie Doute, CAE | Executive Director – Staff Liaison
  • Deb Hileman, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Natasha Mitchell – Past Chair
  • Brad Whitworth, ABC, CMP,SCP,  IABC Fellow
  • Jennie Lamb
  • Nancy Arab, APR, ABC, FCPRS, CMP, SCMP

Finance committee

It shall be the duty of the finance committee to review regular financial results; to oversee preparation of an operating budget for the fiscal year adopted by the executive board; to annually review IABC’s policy on reserves; and to recommend reserve amounts for the Operating Reserve Fund and Special Project Fund. The finance committee may from time to time submit amendments to the budget for the current fiscal year, which may be adopted by a majority vote of the executive board, and shall report as defined in IABC policy.

  • Kathleen Bell, ABC, SCMP – Chair
  • Brook Yciano | Finance Director – Staff Liaison
  • Victoria Dew, SCMP
  • Ginger D. Homan, ABC, SCMP
  • Michael Nord, SCMP
  • Julie Ludlow, ABC
  • John Almond

Audit and risk committee

The committee’s role is to act on behalf of the International Executive Board (IEB) to bring objective oversight to material aspects of the association’s financial reporting, internal controls and external financial audit and identification, evaluation and (where relevant) mitigation of risks, by management, the IEB and its committees.

  • Deb Hileman, SCMP – Chair
  • Brook Yciano | Finance Director – Staff Liaison
  • Zora Artis, GAICD, FAMI CPM
  • Sheila Carruthers, SCMP
  • Monika Lancuki, GAICD, ABC

Investment committee

It shall be the duty of the investment committee to recommend a financial adviser for association funds, for approval by the executive board; work with said financial adviser to develop and recommend investment options for approval of the executive board; recommend investment policy; supervise investment of IABC funds, up to limits established by the executive board, in vehicles with guaranteed returns offered by such banks, trust companies, or other corporate bodies or organizations as may from time to time be designated by, or under authority of, the executive board; and report to the executive board as defined in IABC policy.

  • Scott Cytron | Chair
  • Megan Patterson | Vice Chair
  • Brook Yciano | Finance Director – Staff Liaison
  • Kathleen Bell, ABC, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Victoria Dew, SCMP
  • Matt Evans
  • Mahila Aqeel, SCMP
  • Dominique Jolicoeur

Nominating committees

IEB Nominating committee

As set out in detail in the IABC Policy Manual, the Nominating Committee shall screen nominees under guidelines adopted by the Executive Board. This is primarily done on the basis of competency criteria established by IABC, with consideration for geographic, demographic, and cultural diversity. The Committee shall present its proposed appointments – and the annual IEB slate – to the Executive Board for approval.

  • Sharon Hunter, SCMP – Chair
  • Kirsten Peterson | Governance & Foundation Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Victoria Dew, SCMP
  • Andre Oberholzer
  • Lisa McNally
  • Kelly Rusk
  • Jonathan Tremblay, CMP
  • Mike Klein
  • Rebecca Callahan
  • Brandon Babcock
  • Patrick Cobb
  • Pending IEB Non-officer member

International Committees – Nominating committee

  • Sharon Hunter, SCMP – Chair
  • Kirsten Peterson | Governance & Foundation Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Carol Allers, APR, ABC
  • Ben Shaw
  • Tim Tuck, ABC
  • Catherine Ducharme
  • Alex Malouf, SCMP
  • Michelle Sims
  • Mary H. Francis
  • Pending IEB Non-officer member

Fellows committee

The Fellows Committee is a regular standing committee of the Board responsible for evaluating annual nominations and making recommendations to the IABC Executive Board (IEB) for new IABC Fellows each year. This committee is also responsible for input to the IEB on policy, standards and strategic development of the IABC Fellows program.

  • Jennifer Wah, MC, IABC Fellow – Chair
  • Mark Schumann, ABC, IABC Fellow  – Vice Chair
  • Sharon Hunter, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Kirsten Peterson | Governance & Foundation Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Kellie Garrett, ACC, ICD.D, IABC Fellow  – Past Chair
  • Peter Penny
  • Amanda Hamilton- Attwell, IABC Fellow
  • Marcia White
  • Lee Hornick, IABC Fellow

Council of Regions

The Regions are designed specifically to safeguard the links between members, Chapters, Regions, and the IABC Executive Board.

  • Victoria Dew, SCMP – Chair
  • Micayla Felicion-Davin, MBA | Chapter Relations Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Andrew Oberholzer
  • Lisa McNally
  • Kelly Rusk
  • Jonathan Tremblay, CMP
  • Mike Klein
  • Rebecca Callahan
  • Brandon Babcock
  • Patrick Cobb

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Programmatic committees

Awards committee

The IABC Awards Committee is chartered to provide leadership and vision for IABC Gold Quill Awards. It is responsible for ensuring the Gold Quill Awards program is the leading awards program for business communicators, chapters and regions have the information they need to align to Gold Quill standards and processes and appropriate governance and strategic documentation is in place.

  • Gabrielle Loring – Chair
  • Susan Blanchard – Vice Chair
  • Michelle Liston, CMP | Awards Manager – Staff Liaision
  • Leanne Nyirfa, ABC – IEB Liaison
  • Cindy Schmieg, ABC, SCMP, IABC Fellow – Past Chair
  • Gary Hernandez
  • Wei Joo Ng

Editorial committee

Develop and deliver on a rolling, three-year plan that provides lifelong learning opportunities that give IABC members the tools and information they need to be the best in their chosen disciplines. The plan should also focus on sharing the best global communication practices, ideas and experiences to enable the development of highly ethical and effective performance standards for our profession (in line with IABC’s mission).

  • Cheryl Carr, ABC – Chair
  • Christine Elmer – Vice Chair
  • Natasha Nicholson | Content Director – Staff Liaison
  • Jill Vitello – IEB Liaison
  • Liisa Sheldrick, CMP
  • Michael Ambrozewicz
  • Michael Mead
  • Nick Vivion

Foundation fundraising committee

The IABC Foundation Fundraising Committee members will serve as personal ambassadors to support all fundraising initiatives, working collaboratively with staff to develop and execute fundraising campaigns in line with approved Foundation strategic priorities.

  • Karen Reid – Chair
  • Ron Fuchs – Vice Chair
  • Kirsten Peterson | Governance & Foundation Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Bonnie Caver – IEB Liaision
  • Sue Heuman, ABC
  • Victor Zalakos, SCMP
  • Susan Tomsky
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Dianne Chase

Program advisory committee

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) works collaboratively with staff to ensure that IABC World Conference is a high-value professional development experience aligned to the needs of the global profession.

  • Jennifer Bice  – Chair
  • Nic Pearce – Vice Chair
  • Natasha Nicholson | Content Director – Staff Liaison
  • Ginger D. Homan, ABC, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Neil Griffiths, ABC – Past Chair
  • Carol Allers, APR, ABC
  • Marie Fitzpatrick, ABC, B.A.
  • Shannon Frederick, ABC, SCMP
  • Sarah Parker
  • Stephanie Prud’homme
  • Julie Nurski
  • Dennis Michael
  • Jane Mitchell
  • Genma Holmes
  • Rosetta Cannata
  • Jill Folan
  • David Geddes
  • Melissa Arulappan
  • Jennifer Andrewes
  • Ritzi Ronquillo APR
  • Michelle Buchanan
  • Kellie Williams, ABC
  • Val Mellesmoen
  • Lindi Nxumalo

Academy committee

The IABC Academy Committee is responsible for input to the IABC International Executive Board on policy, standards, strategic development and monitoring of IABC Academy programs, products and services, aligned with the Academy’s direction of creating career development education to support the Global Standard and preparation for the GCCC Certification programs.  communication professionals.

  • Judith Sparkes, ABC – Chair
  • Nicole Duke-Westfield – Vice Chair
  • George Hamilton | Director of Membership – Staff Liaison
  • Matt Tidwell Ph.D. – IEB Liaison
  • Alice Brink, ABC, IABC Fellow – Past Chair
  • Mark Evans
  • Saima Sharif
  • Purba Mukherjee
  • Dr. Robert Gill

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Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC)

To align career paths of the communication professional as defined by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Career Roadmap, the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) was established to define, administer and uphold a certification program for practitioners in the communication field. Each path reflects the growth of knowledge, skills and experience that practitioners undergo during the evolution of their careers.

  • Theomary Karamanis, Ph.D., SCMP – Chair
  • Kimberly George, SCMP – Vice Chair
  • Sara Fowdy | Senior Certification Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Zora Artis, GAICD, FAMI CPM – IEB Liaison
  • Deb Hileman, SCMP
  • Robert Jerome
  • Matthew Mason, PMP, SMP
  • Alex Malouf, SCMP
  • Dr. Robert Gill

Task Forces/Short Term Committees

Foundation Grant Selection task force

The IABC Foundation Grant Selection Task Force is a time-limited action team who conducts the evaluation, selection and recommendation of all IABC Foundation grants or scholarships. All recommendations are sent from the task force to the Foundation Trustees for final approval.

  • Ed Kamrin, SCMP – Chair
  • Claudia Anderson | Communication Specialist – Staff Liaison
  • Leanne Nyifra, ABC – IEB Liaison
  • Melissa Sader
  • Kate Clark
  • Sarah McLaughlin Porteous, PMP
  • Lachandra Backer, MBA, ABC, CTA
  • Ben Shaw

Foundation Research Rubric Evaluation task force

The IABC Foundation Research Grant Evaluation Task Force is a time-limited action team tasked to develop objective rubric and criteria to support grants for targeted research that results in case studies, white papers or other publications supporting member needs and IABC thought leadership.

  • Ryan Williams – Chair
  • Claudia Anderson | Communication Specialist – Staff Liaison
  • Sheila Carruthers, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Peta Leitermann-Long
  • Robert Gill
  • Zena Risheg

Mentorship task force

This is a time-limited task force focused on making mentoring at IABC sustainable through evaluation work and subsequent concrete practical recommendations to the board.

  • Michael Ambjorn, SCMP – Chair
  • Michael Nord, SCMP – IEB Liaison
  • Natasha Nicholson | Content Director – Staff Liaison
  • Anna Willey, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow
  • Edward Ulrich
  • Mahila Aqeel, SCMP
  • Jeanette LeBlanc
  • Leanne Joyce

Global Ethics in-a-box work group

  • Zora Artis, GAICD, FAMI CPM – Chair
  • Staff Liaison – N/A
  • Sheila Carruthers, SCMP
  • Leanne Nyirifa, ABC
  • Matt Tidwell, Ph.D.
  • Dianne Chase
  • Shannon Frederick, ABC

IABC History task force

Time limited task force to update the IABC history for the years 1970-2018. Goal: Collect, celebrate, archive materials from the constituencies above.

  • Michael Nord, SCMP – Chair
  • Kirsten Peterson | Governance & Foundation Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Alain Legault
  • Stephanie Griffiths
  • Robin McCasland, SCMP

Panel of Producers task force

This task force is a panel of producers, made up of volunteers from every region, who focus on creating the assets for IABC such as: Video: live, pre-recorded, produced and edited; Animation: after effects, motion; Stills: photographs, artistry for use by IABC and Audio podcasts: live, pre-recorded.

  • Dan Gold, Chair
  • Mike Holden | Senior Marketing Manager – Staff Liaison
  • Jill Vitiello, IEB Liaison
  • Heather Seaman
  • Cody Bromley
  • Ronalda Walsh, ABC
  • Cyrus Mavalwala E
  • Larand Lancaster
  • Ed Lallo
  • Karan Raj Kholi

50th Anniversary task force

This task force is charged with assisting staff in developing and supporting the events for the 50th anniversary of the IABC name in 2020.  The Task Force will bring member perspective and insight to the planning and will provide staff with support in development of materials and implementation, as requested.

  • Alain Legault | Chair
  • Rita Chen
  • Members Pending 

CMA Task Force 

  • Victoria Dew, SCMP – Chair
  • Carol Allers, ABC, APR
  • Jennifer Andrews
  • KaleighMaclaren
  • Dina Baker, SCMP
  • Paul Omodt, ABC, SCMP


For additional information, contact Kirsten Peterson, Governance & Foundation Manager 

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