Editorial committee

Role of the committee

Develop and deliver on a rolling, three-year plan that provides lifelong learning opportunities that give IABC members the tools and information they need to be the best in their chosen disciplines. The plan should also focus on sharing the best global communication practices, ideas and experiences to enable the development of highly ethical and effective performance standards for our profession (in line with IABC’s mission).

The plan is driven by measurable, practical engagement with communicators and communication organizations to improve the effectiveness of organizational communication worldwide (in line with IABC’s purpose).

As part of the plan, the Editorial Committee will foster a global conversation by driving the creation of a broadly applicable editorial content calendar to serve all layers of IABC, including IABC programs, chapters and regions.

A corresponding annual plan will be presented to the International Executive Board for review.

  • Work with the editorial team to create the content calendar for the Communication World magazine website for the upcoming year, based on an analysis of industry trends (both through industry research and Gold Quill Awards submission analysis) and readership data, and ensure that content is connected to worldwide trends and communication events and issues beyond IABC, including possible partnering around events such as Global Ethics Day, Social Media Week, etc.
  • Work with the editorial team to ensure that content is connected to IABC strategy—from the IABC Code of Ethics to flagship investments such as World Conference, certification, etc.
  • Ensure alignment with IABC’s brand values of representing the global profession; creating connection; serving a diverse community and focusing on insight and results.
  • Provide input on best practices for frequency of communication, channel strategy, process improvements, and data gathering for editorial content.
  • Consider the need for global reach, career levels and specialists strands through a central editorial calendar framework that will provide “freedom within a framework” in which IABC products, chapters and regions can align to—and consistently deliver against—in line with the IABC tone of voice and brand personality.

Although CW is not “peer reviewed,” the editorial committee will work with the team to develop timely and interesting content—and analytics will be used to verify that intended outcomes are being met.


Where relevant they may also:

  • Provide expertise in subject matter.
  • Review submitted manuscripts, where appropriate.
  • Identify subjects and content for special issues that they might also help to organize and/or guest edit.
  • Attract new authors and submissions, excluding thought leaders who may be serving on the Editorial Committee.
  • Provide input into editorial strategy. 6. Act as a sounding board for the editorial team.
  • Develop the editorial calendar to encompass coverage of major world events that aligns with any planned thought leadership initiatives.
  • Assist in developing a process for mobilizing subject matter experts as needed.
  • Act as ambassadors for IABC publications, helping to promote them to authors, readers and within their own organizations—among members and non-members.

Meet the 2017–2018 Editorial Committee!