World Conference program advisory committee

Role of committee

World Conference is a high-value professional development experience for communication professionals around the world. The role of the program advisory committee is to:

  • Conduct research and planning where appropriate.
  • Provide direction, consulting, counsel and recommendations to staff for implementation.
  • Ensure appropriate governance and documentation of the PAC process.


  • Develop the content themes/issues for the World Conference.
  • Provide advice and guidance to staff as requested (e.g., Call for Presentations process, theme and tracks, conference marketing).
  • Identify sessions and speakers.
  • Support the speaker invitation process (chair).
  • Participate in the planning of the program content.
  • Identify and recommend keynote speakers for staff to invite and contract.
  • Review and evaluate presentation proposals.
  • Recommend slate of speakers for each track.
  • Develop strategies to fill open speaking spots (chair, vice chair).
  • Recruit additional speakers as needed.
  • Recommend onsite support strategies and participate in such support where required.
  • Review and support communication of feedback to speakers.
  • Promote the event to personal connections and audiences.