Gift of Communication

What is the Gift of Communication?IABC-2018-SB-CF-0474

Gift of Communication is a pillar of the IABC Foundation that encourages members and chapters to give back to their communities utilizing their professional skills and expertise. The goal is to work with local social service organizations or other nonprofit agencies, such as United Way, and help them to address their communication challenges by providing expert communication counsel and training.

We recognize that many nonprofit social service organizations have limited financial resources and may depend heavily upon volunteers to deliver their communication messaging to fulfill their missions. Often it may be difficult for them to communicate effectively with their constituents, supporters and the general public.

Gift of Communication identifies local nonprofits with unmet communication challenges and links them with communicators who will help them develop appropriate solutions to meet their needs. In some cases, Gift may take the form of an intimate workgroup of members working closely with agency representatives; in others, it may include training symposia or other resources to help build agencies’ communication skills.

In addition to providing a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the community, Gift of Communication demonstrates how communication professionals add value to any enterprise. What’s more, it also provides our members with an outstanding, dynamic professional development experience.

IABC-2018-SB-CF-0472Gift at IABC World Conference

The Gift of Communication 2019 event will be opening its registration at the same time as the World Conference in November. If you are interested in helping a local organization in Vancouver sign up for this special event.

Since 2010, the IABC Foundation has hosted an international Gift of Communication event in conjunction with IABC’s World Conference. Participating communication professionals are invited to provide pro bono advice and counsel to help local charitable organizations to address their most pressing communication challenges.

The most recent international event will be held Sunday, 3 June 2018 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. EST in Montreal, QC, Canada.  IABC Foundation partnered with Centraide of Greater Montreal which brought 11 nonprofit agencies to over 30 communication professionals from around the globe to develop solutions, generate creative ideas and encourage diverse perspectives to tackle their most pressing communication challenges. We are proud to say this international event helped to drive communication as a force for good in business and society

Check out this video, recorded before the Gift Event at #IABC17.

Give the Gift of Communication

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Gift of Communication initiative allows chapter to get creative and explore what the Gift format best fits the needs of their communities. Many chapters have adopted the Gift concept to meet their local needs, while maintaining the concept of giving back to the community.

The IABC Foundation Committee developed a Gift of Communication toolkit launched at the International Leadership Institute in Dallas TX February 23-35 2017. This toolkit is designed exclusively for IABC chapters to help plan, promote and run a successful Gift of Communications event. To kick start this new toolkit in 2017, the IABC Foundation ran a micro-grant opportunity for Gift of Communication. Congratulations again to IABC Barbados, IABC Great Plains and IABC Maritime Canada for being a force for good!

If you’d like to put on a Gift event at your local chapter – we’d love to hear about! Reach out to






Any Questions? Contact Kirsten Peterson, IABC Governance & Foundation Manager