Leaders and Staff

International Executive Board

The International Executive Board, or IEB, is the governing body of IABC and is accountable to its members. The IEB shall have supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of the association; actively pursue the association’s purpose; determine its policy within the limits of the law, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation; uphold the IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators; and supervise disbursement of funds. The IEB develops the strategic plan and direction for the association under the guidance of the Association Bylaws approved by the IABC membership. The IEB serves as the Board of Trustees for the IABC Foundation.
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While a majority of the IABC headquarters staff is located in Chicago, Illinois, IABC operates within a virtual work environment, consisting of many employees located across the U.S, with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the areas of executive association management, marketing and sales, communication and membership, professional development, content development, finance, and information technology.

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