Quarterly Reports

IABC produces a quarterly report that provides an overall update from the IABC Chair and IABC Executive Director on progress against strategy. The reports also include updates from IABC’s various committees and task forces on activities during the quarter.

January - March 2019

This is going to be an exciting year. After almost two years of work behind the scenes by the board and staff, it will be a year of new offerings—new member benefits, new member opportunities and a new member experience.

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October - December 2018

We will be launching a new website with a career center and a new member management program for our chapter leaders, and we will blow the roof off with new content and a new way to deliver it!

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July - September 2018

We are in the second year of our three-year strategy and we’ve made significant progress. As I speak with communicators around the world, it is evident that we are facing the same issues.

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January - March 2016

We’re beginning to prepare for the 2016-17 board year. Because board leadership is not a sprint. It is an endurance race. In relays.

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October - December 2015

It has been an intensive six months. Much has been achieved. Tough decisions and strategic investments are beginning to pay off. A new stability has been reached, along with a platform for growth in both reach and impact for the association

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July - September 2015

The brand roll-out is well underway and the new guidelines are helping align our approach. It’ll take some time but you should expect to see the greater consistency visually and in tone of voice.

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April 2015

We’ve created a new international standing committee devoted to improving our external communications and to putting IABC more on the map much more effectively among three distinct audiences.

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January 2015

In 2014, IABC turned a corner. Hard work over the last three years to address many difficult issues has borne fruit and I thank my predecessors, whose toil then enables me now to look to 2015 so optimistically.

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Annual Reports

Each calendar year, IABC also issues an Annual Report. Typically the Annual Report is released in time for the association’s Annual General Meeting, held at IABC’s World Conference, in June.

2017 Annual Report

What you will see across this report is a testament to what creativity, connection, collaboration and an amazing culture can achieve when aligned and action-focused.

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2016 Annual Report

This board year was focused on member satisfaction, achieving financial sustainability and increasing our membership retention.

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2015 Annual Report

We're returning to growth and we've overcome the show-stopping issues.

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2014 Annual Report

It reflects a renewed vigor for better communication with our members, with the profession we serve and with the business world across the globe.

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