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ABS-CBN’s “Wow At Saya” (“Wow and Fun”) Audience Experience

ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company, has always been part of every Filipino home.

When Filipino fans get to watch their favorite ABS-CBN shows and celebrities live, smiles are etched on their faces as they get to fulfill their wildest dreams. But the experience of ABS-CBN studio audiences was far from total fun before.

In 2014, then ABS-CBN president and CEO Charo Santos-Concio received an email from a studio audience viewer regarding his experience as part of the studio audience during filming of ABS-CBN’s long-running hit Sunday variety program, ASAP.

It was an unpleasant experience, according to the email sender, wherein he was made to wait for a long time at the waiting area where conditions could have been better.

In the packed waiting area, excited fans had to endure the sweltering heat, while standing for a long time as the lounge had no air conditioning units and chairs. Other essential equipment that the waiting area lacked were rubbish bins, tiles, and television sets.

The email served as a big wake-up call to the media company on how it should welcome and treat its studio viewers.

In response to the email, ABS-CBN formed the “Wow at Saya” (“Wow and Fun”) committee to define the experience for its studio audiences. Audit results corroborated the unfavorable feedback given earlier. The findings showed the discomfort of some of the studio viewers stemmed from the lack of chairs, poor ventilation, and long waiting times. At that time, studio viewers were also treated merely as members of the audience who were there just to watch a live show.

ABS-CBN then launched “Wow at Saya (Wow and Fun),” a customer experience campaign that aims to give viewers a blissful and memorable experience—from the moment they enter the premises of ABS-CBN until they leave.

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