Accelerate: Turbocharge your internal communication career

**Limited spots still available, register by 15 October!**

IABC has joined forces with internal communication consultancy Gatehouse to convert the popular Accelerate program into an online learning opportunity.

While the Accelerate program is typically a three-day master class structured around the nine hallmarks of great internal communication, the course will be offered over a one-month period this year and there are no geographic restrictions on attending. By attending the Accelerate this year, you will receive the same great education and networking with your peers in an interactive and virtual format. 

Based on a mixture of theory and real-life examples, Accelerate draws on Gatehouse’s unrivaled knowledge into world-class internal communication practices:

  • A decade of running the global State of the Sector report
  • Insights gleaned from dozens of internal communication audits
  • More than 250 case studies and interviews with C-suite executives and senior IC leaders in some of the world’s leading organizations.

Your registration includes:

  • More than 15 hours of live education and small group discussions across the 9 Hallmarks of Internal Communication, plus Managing Internal Communications in a Post-Coronavirus World
  • Opportunities to network with fellow attendees as well as faculty between sessions
  • Additional access to video content and supplemental reading
  • Training workbooks that align to and support the online learning

Watch this video created by Gatehouse on why this a must-attend course!

Program time frame

Please note that space is limited so secure your spot now.

Education and discussions will be held in EST on: 

  • Tuesday, 20 October
  • Wednesday, 4 November
  • Monday, 7 December
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Who should attend

Corporate communication and HR professionals who want to develop a more strategic and influential approach to internal communication.

In terms of IABC career levels, this course is primarily for the Strategic Adviser level professional with a focus on internal communication or Generalist/Specialists looking to gain expertise in this discipline. It will also benefit Business Leaders looking to ensure that their knowledge is fresh and up to date.

Credits from this course can be applied for application or maintenance of the Global Certification Communication Council’s (GCCC) certifications, including the Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP). Learn more.


Day 1

  • Time | 9 am – 4 pm with morning and afternoon breaks and an hour break at 12 pm.
  • Hallmark 1—Purpose, value proposition and strategy | Great internal communication starts with the fundamentals—developing a long-term vision of how internal communication should be supporting your organization’s goals, then delivering on it with robust planning.
  • Hallmark 2—Narrative, messaging and content | Employees want a clear and engaging purpose to rally around—we’ll explore how to bring your organizations’ values and strategy to life, and align all your communications to this.
  • Hallmark 3—Channel management and innovation | Selecting the right channels is a crucial part of your role as a communicator, as well as keeping up with external trends and innovations. We’ll show you how to build a robust channel framework of your own, and what good practice looks like across key communication channels.

Day 2

  • Time | 9 am – 4 pm with morning and afternoon breaks and an hour break at 12 pm.
  • Hallmark 4—Communication capability | With the fundamentals in place, the next step is to build up your organization’s communication capability—we’ll show you how to equip and empower line managers, leaders as well as communication champions to be effective communicators.
  • Hallmark 5—Organizational listening, dialogue and collaboration | As internal communicators, we have a significant role to play in capturing employee feedback and facilitating dialogue with the leadership team. We’ll help guide you to be the ‘voice’ of employees.
  • Hallmark 6—Insight, measurement and evaluation | Like any other business function, internal communication must justify its costs. We’ll show you how to build your own measurement framework and prove your value.

Day 3

  • Time | 8:30 am – 4 pm with morning and afternoon breaks and an hour break at 12 pm.
  • NEW Module: Managing Internal Communications in a Post-Coronavirus World
  • Hallmark 7—Become a trusted advisor | Positioning yourself as a trusted advisor is the key to being taken seriously in communication. We’ll go through what this looks like for internal communicators and guide you through the process of gaining a set at the top table.
  • Hallmark 8—Influencing change and transformation | Communication is essential during major changes and transitions. We’ll explore how and when internal communication should be involved in change, and how to ensure employees are taken on the journey.
  • Hallmark 9—Championing culture and employee experience |We’ll discuss tactical ways to drive employee advocacy and develop a holistic approach that covers the full employee experience and creates genuine moments that matter.

For a sneak peek into these nine great hallmarks of international communication, check our recent webinar, “What Does World-Class Internal Communication Look Like?”


US$2,250 for IABC members; US$2,750 for non-members

Contact us at member_relations@iabc.com with any questions/inquiries.