Amid the brand wreckage of 2015, business leaders ignore the need for crisis preparation, survey reveals


tired or stressed businessman sitting in front of computer at deskIn a year of truly spectacular PR disasters, a recent global survey is stunning for what it reveals about the lack of attention being paid in many boardrooms these days to crisis communication.

Senior executives ignoring the need to prepare for a reputation hit would be startling and misguided at the best of times. Given the ongoing litany of harrowing headlines—and social media’s “outrage culture” of frenzied mob justice and instantaneous vilification—what can senior leaders be thinking?

Consider the survey results from global crisis consultants Regester Larkin-Steelhenge, who polled 170 large corporations in 27 countries. The good news is that 86% of firms said they have a crisis management plan, while about 60% said they conduct crisis preparation and training annually.

Unfortunately, nearly half of the respondents (45%) admitted that their CEO was not included this year in corporate crisis management and response training. Worse, about half of the firms (46%) also cited a “lack of buy-in and support among senior management” as the biggest challenge to effectively preparing for a crisis.


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