Apply for the CMP or SCMP certification grant

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By Ashley Carter
17 October 2019

IABC members can apply for 2019-2020 Gift of Excellence grants until 10 December. These grants offered by the IABC Foundation provide scholarships to members in financial need who are seeking their Communication Management Professional (CMP) or Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certification through the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC). Additional weight will be given to IABC members residing in areas designated as developing nations by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, as well as those who live in an area significantly impacted by a natural disaster.

The IABC Foundation strives to advance communication as a force for good globally by ensuring that standards and certification are accessible to all IABC members. This grant is designed to provide scholarships of US$600 to qualified applicants seeking their CMP or SCMP certification. For more information, please read this briefing packet.

If you’re ready to apply, click the button below to start your application. First-time users of the system will be prompted to sign up with their email before accessing the entry form.


Ashley Carter

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