Four new IABC task forces have been announced! Submit your expression of interest by 28 April.

We’re thrilled to announce that IABC is launching four new task forces that will open this June. IABC is a platform for amplifying member expertise and we continue to look for ways to help members bring their insights to advancing the profession, while also providing new value to their fellow IABC members.

We’re currently hosting an open call for applications to serve on the following new IABC task forces:

Diversity and inclusion task
The IABC diversity and inclusion task force is a time-limited action team tasked to develop recommendations for how to integrate diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our organization and culture. In 2018, IABC developed a D&I statement and a Code of Conduct as first steps in this journey to create a more effective organization. The IABC international executive board (IEB) is moving IABC toward being an organization that supports and reflects diversity and inclusion at all levels and at all events; including staff and volunteers. This task force will also enhance the recruitment process that supports diversity.

Big ideas task force
The IABC big ideas task forces are time-limited think tanks tasked with researching and developing thought leadership white papers on assigned topics to provide IABC members with insights about the profession now and in the future. Two big idea task forces will be formed in June 2019, each tasked with a single subject matter for exploration, research and white paper development.

Tools and templates task force
The IABC tools and templates task force is a time-limited action team who will aggregate and develop tools/templates for critical communication functions and practices to help IABC members do their jobs more efficiently. This task force will identify the 10 most critical templates a communication professional will need in their work, and work together to develop best practice templates to be shared on as a member-only resource. This task force will begin meeting in June 2019 and will complete their work no later than 31 October 2019.

Trends watch task force
The IABC trend watch task force is a think tank tasked with continuous environmental scanning that will provide quarterly reports on trends, emerging issues/opportunities for the field, new big ideas in the profession and related topics that might provide communicators with insight that helps them succeed now and prepare for the future.   

Apply to serve on one of the new IABC task forces by 28 April. Click the button below to sign in and submit your expression of interest.


One Response to “Four new IABC task forces have been announced! Submit your expression of interest by 28 April.”

  1. Brenda C. Siler

    I am a past IABC Chair who also served as Chair of IABC’s Multicultural Communicators Committee. D&I management is in “vogue” again, because companies continue to make the mistake of not having diverse staff creating strategies and messages that represent the look of customers/constituents. Business communicators have a role to play, IABC can position itself with strategies for a global view of D&I that goes beyond ethnicity.