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Are you a business asset for your organization?

            Mary Hills, ABC, IABC Fellow

As business assets, we as communication professionals must engage key competencies to serve as the “voice of the organization,” to use resources wisely and to measure our contribution to the organization’s viability and sustainability. What are these competencies, resources and metrics, and how do we recognize the opportunity to contribute?

Mary Hills, ABC, IABC Fellow, explains what it takes to become a necessary business asset in your profession. In today’s organizations, she says, the communication professional has become a necessary asset, as companies are constantly clarifying the mission of the business in a rapidly shifting marketplace.

“I think the concept of how do you provide value in an organization was always there, but calling it a business asset, I think, is a really good phrase to put it in context of where the organizational communication function is,” Hills shares in an interview with CW’s Associate Editor, Khyla Flores.

As the “voice of the organization,” who better than the communication professional to bring that story to life and ensure stakeholders understand the value the organization brings to the world every day through its operations?

Listen to the complete interview for insight on why it’s important to assess your value as a business asset within your organization.


Join Mary Hills in her online workshop to receive a confidential assessment of your communication competencies and also examine examine key issues and strategies where communication professionals can contribute as business assets and deliver a resource-management framework for managing time, money and people. 

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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