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Be an expert on authentic leadership: An interview with Gabrielle Dolan

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Storytelling is a popular buzzword in communication today. Everyone wants to add storytelling to their speeches, but how do they do it authentically? Many believe the true power of storytelling comes from the sense of connection made possible by telling personal stories. Good storytelling can be seen as a key leadership skill and has become closely linked to authentic leadership.

IABC Associate Editor Khyla Flores recently spoke with global thought leader on authentic leadership and business storytelling, Gabrielle Dolan, who believes, “There’s a real push for people to be more authentic in their leadership.” Dolan states that in the past, we’ve been told to keep personal and business separate, but authentic leadership is all about being more real and vulnerable, and being able to bring your whole self to your work and your leadership.

Learn how to gain a competitive edge through leadership during Gabrielle Dolan’s keynote IABC World Conference presentation in Washington D.C., “Thought leadership: What does it really mean?

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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