Beca — A Purpose That Resonates for Our Second Century

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By Alison Gillies
29 June 2020

Despite being an organization of more than 3,300 people, there is something uniquely “family-like” about Beca. As one of Asia Pacific’s largest professional services consultancies (providing engineering and advisory services), we have a thriving values-based culture and a team of engineers, environmental specialists, planners, project managers and many other technical specialists who are very motivated to make a positive difference. In 2017, and with our 100th birthday looming in 2020, we took time to reflect on where we were going. What was apparent was we had never articulated an overarching “purpose” — a shared reason for why we all turn up to work every day. We also wanted to continue to distinguish ourselves from other professional services firms and grow brand awareness within the Asia Pacific region.

Beca’s communications team was engaged by the Chief Strategy and Operations Officer (CSOO) to develop the optimal solution for engaging our business in the development of a new purpose and for launching, engaging and embedding it in our culture and our everyday DNA. Particularly, advice was sought on how to best navigate a matrix business working in an environment heavily saturated with messages from multiple stakeholders, and to launch and imbue a purpose in an organization with a long history in such a way that it becomes part of the fabric of how our people represent our business to one another and our clients. Our communication approach was split into three phases — define, launch and amplify.

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Alison Gillies

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