Best of Show webinar: Communicating in teams to build employee engagement

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By Khyla Flores
18 October 2016

Teams that excel have features in common. They invest in a common vision. They value differences as strengths. They use respectful conflict to build trust. They take smart risks to innovate. They adapt to change and reinvest in new circumstances. They hold themselves accountable. This presentation offers a recipe for building employee engagement through teams.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How teams leverage a foundation of communication norms to anchor healthy workplace culture.
  • How trust and accountability provide a platform for creativity, exploration, discovery and innovation.
  • How embracing opportunities afforded by change and growth empowers employees to engage in new circumstances and reinvest in the organization.

Presenter / Steve Ritter has served as a human resources leader, teacher, author and consultant. He is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the founder and CEO of the Team Clock Institute, and the managing director of the Midwest Institute & Center for Workplace Innovation. He is also the author of Team Clock: A Guide to Breakthrough Teams and Useful Pain: Why Your Relationships Need Struggle. Ritter is on the faculty of the Center for Professional Excellence at Elmhurst College.

Khyla Flores

Khyla Flores is associate editor for IABC’s content department.

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