Beyond Media Impressions: Measuring real PR impact


woman-making-a-business-presentation-picture-750-500Public relations has always been a difficult concept for people to grasp. What we do is not tangible. It’s not like you can hold up an ad and say, “I created this.”

Sure, you can point to content you’ve developed, or tweets you’ve sent, or stories that you worked on with a journalist. You can even proudly state that something did not hit the news cycle because you managed a crisis. But that just leads to more confusion. “Oh, so you play on Twitter all day?” Not exactly.

When the industry adopted media impressions and advertising equivalencies, everyone drew a huge sigh of relief. Finally, we had a way to “measure” our efforts and be comparable to our advertising brethren.

But as data and analytics have become more and more accessible, now is the time to ditch media impressions and advertising equivalencies and focus on the things that help an organization reach its goals.

So long, media impressions and AVEs

For many communicators, 2018 will bring big changes for you and the way you measure your efforts.

In May of 2017, the head of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), speaking about advertising value equivalencies (AVEs), announced they are going to invest “significant time and resource to kill off finally this derided metric.”

In a paper published on the topic, the requirements of AMEC members include:

All AMEC members to sign an undertaking that they will not provide AVEs by default to any client. Any client that requests AVE as a metric will receive standard educational material explaining why the metric is invalid and should not be used.

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