Build great relationships now, before you need them


business callImagine someone you’ve never heard of calls you up at an inconvenient time, wants you to do something for them and needs a quick response. How would you feel towards them?

Given how busy most of us are, it’s understandable that many people only devote time to relationships when we have a clear and relatively immediate need: contacting our customer when we have something to sell, a journalist when we want them to do a full-page spread on our amazing new widget, or the fire service when we have a fire.

The challenge with this approach is it is all about our needs. Great business relationships are built on trust, respect and have a clear element of mutual benefit. As a first step, it’s worth identifying the people that determine whether your business is successful or not. Then take the time to understand their needs and help them where you can. It sounds so simple but it makes the world a better place and it’s also good business.


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