Building your content management strategy for 2015…and beyond


businessman looking at door of 2015These days everybody is talking about content marketing, or “brand journalism.” Organizations of any size, in any industry, are finding that content—and lots of it—is a must to attract, engage and remain top-of-mind with their audiences. These audiences can range from internal (employees) to external (prospects, customers, etc.).

Most organizations have content, and lots of it; many organizations have in-house staff to help create content. Communicators today, though, often find themselves dealing with the yin-yang of content management—they are both blessed and cursed by the proliferation of communication tools and outlets that they can use to reach their key audiences. Their workload is increasing, as are the expectations of senior leaders who want to see results, not vanity metrics (e.g., “likes,” followers and fans).

As you build your content marketing strategy for 2015 and beyond, here are some key missteps and best practices to keep in mind.

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