Call for Applications to the IABC Academy Committee


Call for Applications to the IABC Academy Committee

IABC is now seeking applications from IABC members in good standing to apply to sit on the Committee, which will run for 16 months from March 2015 to July 2016. Selection will be by an Applications Committee led by IABC Immediate Past Chair Robin McCasland, FRSA. IABC International Chair Russell Grossman, ABC will choose the Chair of the Committee from those selected by the Applications Committee. The IABC Academy will be delivered by staff at IABC headquarters, and directed by a leader-led governing committee of up to ten people, including up to two members of IABC staff.

The applications process is quite simple. If you would like to apply please do the following:

  • Send your CV/resume to Robin McCasland via email at no later than Friday 23 January
  • Answer the following questions in your email:
    • Why do you wish to serve on the IABC Academy Committee?
    • What specific skills and experience do you have that make you well-suited to serve on the IABC Academy Committee?
    • Where do you think you can best contribute to or make a difference in IABC by serving on the IABC Academy Committee?

What is the IABC Academy?

The IABC Academy is a new institution within IABC designed to support the career of a communication professional by offering development opportunities aligned with the Global Standard for Business Communication.

For communication professionals and their organizations worldwide, the IABC Academy will be the “go to” place for career development, whether assessing knowledge and skill gaps, plotting the next career step, or finding development opportunities right across the globe.

The IABC Academy will support courses and workshops to help professionals, IABC members or not, towards the new Global Communications Certification standard, and how they can continue to maintain their Certification through time.

The IABC Academy will broker industry-approved providers of training and development who can upskill people in the six global principles of communication education (ethics, consistency, context, analysis, strategy, and engagement) and through the four levels of a professional’s career (Foundation, Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, and Business Leader). The programs people undertake through the IABC Academy will also support them in the knowledge and skills required to enter an IABC award.

An academy training calendar will be developed and marketed through IABC.

Developing the IABC Academy and launching its various service offerings is a priority in IABC’s 2015 Business Plan.