Clear Direction in a Complex World


In a challenging and dynamic business world, success depends on establishing a clear path to navigate through complexity. Organizations and their leaders—wherever they are around the world and
whatever business environment they face—must be able to chart the right course and deliver results.

Organizations that are doing this best have leaders, managers, communication and change practices that create:

  • Clarity: Conveying to employees the direction of the business along with ways they can contribute to the
  • Confidence: Supporting development of leaders and managers to better deliver confidence, and using a disciplined process to ensure effective use of change and communication resources
  • Community: Building a shared experience, a sense that employees and leaders are in it together — sharing both the challenges and rewards of working

This report from Towers Watson describes what the companies that communicate and manage change effectively are doing, and how practices compare globally. Read on to find the steps you can take to create a clear direction for your organization.