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IABC is focused on providing you with access to critical resources related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. This page will serve as an evolving resource center, where you’ll find helpful articles, webinars and other materials related to this evolving global health crisis. We’ll also be linking to best practices and other discussions related to the virus that occur in The Hub, our online community for IABC members.

This page will be updated as new information and resources become available.



After the Layoff: How to keep employees engaged
While most communicators have turned their attention to helping employees return to the workplace safely, there are many who are also dealing with one of the economic impacts of the pandemic: layoffs.



Effective Leadership During and After a Crisis: A Global Spotlight on COVID-19 & Racial Justice
Our world is currently facing a crossroads with two related crises: the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial injustices faced by communities around the globe.


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Bringing Them Back: Internal communication strategies to keep furloughed workers engaged
With few exceptions, it’s always preferable to bring back employees as opposed to going through the recruitment, interviewing, hiring and training phases again.




crisis leadership
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COVID-19 Crisis Leadership: Do you have what it takes?
In the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing a range of crisis responses across organizations—from excellent to awful.




covid-19 marketing
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People Before Profit: Promoting products and services during COVID-19
As is the case in any crisis, an organization’s values are now on full display. It is a make-or-break time for many brands.




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7 Tips for Crafting Persuasive Messages in Crisis Situations
In times of stress and uncertainty, people will look to their leaders and messengers to gauge how confident or concerned.




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7 Science-Based Rules for Communicating in High-Stress Environments
Science tell us our brains behave differently under stress, making it harder to hear, understand and recall information.




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How to Build Crisis Resilience, for Yourself and Your Team
In this global pandemic, personal resilience is essential. It will not only help us survive this crisis collectively and individually.




virtual town halls
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Transform Virtual Town Halls to Engage Your Employees
Since the COVID-19 crisis, organizations have had to rethink town halls to make them 100% virtual.




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Digital Hygiene: The next step in the fight against COVID-19
Hashtags like #WashYourHands and #StayAtHome have taken the internet by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic. But can the same be said for “digital hygiene”?




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Now What? Communicating in the Weird, New Organizational Normal
Communication professionals need strategies and tools for building trust, creating structure and protecting brands, while keeping up with a very fluid situation.




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Communication that Works in a Crisis: Tips and techniques

In times like these, leaders are under intense pressure to get their messages right. Lives are at risk. Here are some tips and techniques to help you craft effective, efficient messages.



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What Communicators Need to Know About the Legal Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis
The communicator’s job in the current situation is to provide up-front and transparent communication to both internal and external audiences, while relying on the lawyer’s expertise and evidence.



remote work
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Creating a ‘Third Culture’ Is Essential for Successful Remote Working
With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, organizations are learning what their businesses look like when the majority of their workforce is remote. Whether the move to remote work is coronavirus-induced or part of a more general change, organizations need to create a specific culture for effective virtual collaboration. 



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Fighting the Other Pandemic: Misinformation
In the wake of the explosive COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, governments, health organizations and news organizations have been struggling to contain both the virus and the rampant misinformation about it that continues to permeate the media landscape.



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Navigating the COVID-19 Storm

Stock markets have crashed, borders are closing, and it appears the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak will continue to get worse before it gets better. The impact on businesses, from travel bans to supply and delivery delays to production and forecast adjustments, is already being felt everywhere. As organizations worldwide adjust to this uncertainty, communication professionals need to keep a clear head, stay the course and use the current “down time” productively.


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The COVID-19 Outbreak Is a Crisis: Are you prepared?

There are key principles of crisis management that might have gotten lost in the initial noise surrounding the disease’s spread. An approach that’s grounded in these principles can prepare your organization for what may come next.



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