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Donate Your Passenger Seat: Road To Recovery

Type: Case Studies
Topic: Community and Customer Relations
By Renee Kelley
26 October 2018

Every day, thousands of cancer patients need a ride to treatment. Some may not be able to drive themselves, and family and friends cannot always help. The American Cancer Society provides free transportation to and from treatment facilities to help people with cancer get the critical care they need. The Society trains volunteer drivers and works in each community to match patients in need of transportation to drivers.

Despite having more than 10,000 volunteer drivers involved nationwide in the Society’s “Road To Recovery” program, the program was in dire need of new volunteers. The need was greater than the number of volunteer drivers, particularly in some major markets. We identified a total of 77 key markets that were not able to meet the patient need with the number of volunteer drivers they had.

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Renee Kelley

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