European Training Foundation Twentieth Anniversary

Case Studies

gq-logoThe European Training Foundation (ETF) celebrated its 20th anniversary year in 2014 with a combination of events, videos, and a special publication. The anniversary provided an important opportunity to engage stakeholders from the ETF’s diverse publics, ranging from senior political and administrative figures in the European Commission to individuals, organisations, and governments from the 30 partner countries in which the ETF works. Most importantly, it gave senior leadership a chance to assess engagement indicators among the ETF’s 133 employees at a time of significant change and challenge.

The Business Opportunity

Reaching a milestone in an organization’s history affords a valuable opportunity to reaffirm founding values, promote organizational objectives, engage stakeholders, and build brand equity. This is true for public sector and non-profit organizations as much as businesses. In all kinds of organizations astute leaders ensure a focus on the future, even when celebrating past achievements, and thus turn the anniversary celebrations into a launch pad for progress and performance. This is how the twentieth anniversary of the European Training Foundation (ETF) was presented to the senior management team by the communication function in 2013, as they began the planning process for the anniversary itself in 2014.