Employees, Engagement and Enthusiasm

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It’s not money. Or magic. It’s employee engagement.

Gallup research makes it clear that employee engagement is a problem and that
it directly impacts the bottom line. Unfortunately, most think it’s “other companies”
that have a problem. With less than 33 percent of employees “engaged,” it’s hard to
imagine it’s not happening to you, too.

Engagement is affected by many things, but all of them require communication to align (or realign) employee attitudes. Now you can discover the primary levers that drive engagement so you know where to start and how to develop a communication plan to make it all work.

On May 16, IABC Lincoln will present, “Employees, Engagement and Enthusiasm,” a hands-on workshop with Mark Kretschmar, ABC, MA. Mark is an engineer turned communication expert and professor who focuses on increasing employee engagement. Mark will be using his IABC Gold Quill winning case study as an example.

During the workshop, attendees will learn about the:

  • Latest research on the state of employee engagement
  • Primary levers that get employees to care
  • Communication strategies and tactics for driving engagement

Register here: www.eventbrite.com

Please register and pre-pay for this meeting by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 2 May 2018. If you have special dietary needs, please email Janet Denison at janetd@visionexhibits.com by the deadline.