EuroComm 2016: Driving Business with Communication

EC16-twitter-5The next EuroComm conference will take place in Rotterdam, on Monday, 18 April, and Tuesday, 19 April, at The Public Library. We are inviting professionals throughout the EMENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) region to participate in the debate on how we as leaders, staffers and consultants best help the organizations we work for.

The theme for the event is “Driving Business with Communication.”

Communication increasingly has the seat at the table that we’ve been longing for, and teams now have professional processes and structures in place. But we still need to prove we understand the business and can drive value for the organization; for SMEs, we need to show how communicators fit and can make a real contribution to the bottom line.

EuroComm 2016 will have a varied program of hosted conversations, inspiring keynote speakers, round table discussions and amazing case studies. Join us, learn and share your insights!

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