Explore Your Options: 2015 Annual Enrollment

Case Studies

gq-logoChanges to The UPS Flexible Benefits Plan that took effect in 2014 significantly impacted UPS people’s morale and perception of the Employee Value Proposition. One of the outcomes of the changes was an enhanced look at benefits offered by UPS. As a result, communications around the 2015 Annual Enrollment period created an opportunity to engage and empower UPSers to take a more active role in choosing their benefit options.


Employers are facing a daunting challenge—providing affordable, quality health care for employees and their families. In an effort to slow the rise of health care costs for the organization, in 2013 UPS announced significant changes to The UPS Flexible Benefits Plan. The changes were poorly received and employees began to scrutinize all aspects of The Plan in greater detail. Rather than see the scrutiny as a negative, we chose instead to use this as an opportunity to educate people about the components that make up The Plan, position local Human Resources teams as Plan experts, and empower UPSers to actively make choices that could lower costs for themselves and the organization.